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Kissing Tips and Tricks

Kissing Tips and Tricks to Make the Moment Absolutely Phenomenal

A kiss marks the beginning of a new phase in love life. Learn a few tips and tricks about lip-locking to make your moment a special one.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The sun has just set over the horizon. The sky is painted with hues of purple and pink. The still waters are reflecting your love. The touch of warm air is getting you closer to your beloved. There is nothing more you could have ever wanted at this moment. The need to freeze this moment is urgent. Locking your lips together is the only way of locking away this heavenly moment forever in your memories. Just close your eyes and let yourself be. The magic spell around you makes you inch closer and suddenly you find yourself caught between the most electrifying experience of your lifetime. Your first kiss!! Want to make this a reality?
The Perfect Kiss

Fresh Breath

Having a fresh and good smelling breath is the deciding part of the perfect kiss. Kissing someone with a really bad breath is a nightmare. Please brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with a mouth freshener before heading out on a date. If you are eating out and the food compels you to have a bad breath, make sure you have some mint on hand. But don't chew a gum while kissing, as it can spoil the kiss.
Soft Lips

Chapped lips are hard, unpleasant and kiss killers. Use a lip balm continuously to keep your lips moist, soft and luscious. Do not use a lot of flavored lip gloss. If your partner hates the flavor, there's quite a chance he might get nauseated before kissing. To make your lips moist, just run your tongue over them before kissing.
Especially for Men

You may think that beard looks macho. But Mr Macho, beard pricks, irritates and ruins the kiss. Hence, please clean shave before kissing. It will only add to the pleasure of kissing.

Position is the most crucial part. Be very close to your partner while kissing. This will avoid the effort to stretch out, and the kiss will get the undivided attention. Take a second to see in which way is your partner's head tilting, so you can tilt your head to the opposite direction.
Close To Get Her

Stay really close to your partner to build a sexual tension. Let the heat build up between both of you. Once the grounds are set, slowly tilt your head in a direction which is comfortable for you. Stare into her eyes and firmly grip her head. Bring her closer to you and kiss away!
Multiple Shots

You would want to use multiple shots in a foreplay. To spice things up, start kissing your partner. Give your partner multiple shots of wet kisses, one after the other, when he/she is least expecting it. It's sort of playful and seems quite cute and silly.
Tongue Swirl

A tongue swirl has its roots in France. C'est très sexy! Open your mouth as you begin to kiss. Lock your lips and insert your tongue, a little by little, into your partner's mouth. Nibble and suck at the lip a little. As your partner lets the tongue into your mouth, roll your tongue over it. Et Voilà you'll be the perfect kisser in the world!
Miss Kiss

Play the 'miss kiss' game with your partner. As your partner begins to close in for a kiss, pretend as though you too are going to lock lips. Then swiftly move away and miss the kiss, only to kiss your partner someplace else!
Some of the best things in our lives are never seen, so close your eyes to experience the best. Kissing will bring you and your partner closer than ever. With these tricks, the intimacy will surely be rolling between covers!