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Magically Charming Ways to Say I Love You in Different Languages

Love in Different Languages
Humans have found numerous ways to experience, share and communicate the emotion called love. The language of love is universal - it just sounds different. If you happen to look up the word in a dictionary, it will give you a host of different meanings and interpretations. Yet the emotion remains the same, the world over.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Different Ways to Say I Love You
Here are some simple, personal and unique ways to express your love in other languages besides English.
~ You can personalize a love card for your beloved by expressing your love in a foreign language.

~ Make a T-shirt with photos of your beloved and 'I love you' in different languages printed on it.

~ Try something special, record your voice saying 'I love you' in French (Je t'aime) or Italian (Ti amo) or any other language you are comfortable with.

~ Or surprise your loved one with a cake or gifts that say 'love' in a foreign language, as shown in the images below.
Meaning of Love And How to Say I Love You
Arabian couple hugging at home,Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld
Language : Afrikaans
Love : Lief
I Love You : Ek het jou lief

Language : Albanian
Love : Dashuri
I Love You : Te dua

Language : Armenian
Love : Ser
I Love You : Yes kez sirumen
Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld,Lovely young indian couple outdoors
Language : Azerbaijani
Love : Sevgi
I Love You : Men seni sevirem

Language : Basque
Love : Maite
I Love You : Maite zaitut

Language : Belarusian
Love : Liubic
I Love You : Ya tabe kahayu

Language : Bengali
Love : Bhalobasha
I Love You : Aami tomake bhalobashi
Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld,Young couple staring at each other
Language : Bulgarian
Love : Obicham
I Love You : Obicham te

Language : Catalan
Love : L' amor
I Love You : T'estimo

Language : Cantonese
Love : Oi
I Love You : Ngo oiy ney a

Language : Croatian
Love : Ljubav
I Love You : Volim te
Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld,Young man and woman in love
Language : Czech
Love : Laska
I Love You : Miluji te

Language : Danish
Love : Elske
I Love You : Jeg elsker dig

Language : Dutch
Love : Liefde
I Love You : Ik hou van jou

Language : Estonian
Love : Armastus
I Love You : Ma armastan sind
Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld,Happy young man giving piggyback ride to
Language : Filipino
Love : Mahalin
I Love You : Mahal kita

Language : Finnish
Love : Rakkaus
I Love You : Mina rakastan sinua

Language : French
Love : Amour
I Love You : Je t'aime

Language : German
Love : Liebe
I Love You : Ich liebe dich
Language : Greek
Love : Agape
I Love You : S'agapo

Language : Gujarati
Love : Prem
I Love You : Tane prem karoo choo

Language : Haitian Creole
Love : Renmen
I Love You : Mwen renmen w

Language : Hawaiian
Love : Aloha
I Love You : Aloha au ia 'oe

Language : Hebrew
Love : Ahava
I Love You : Ani ohev otach
Language : Hopi
Love : Shima
I Love You : Nu' umi unangw'ta

Language : Hungarian
Love : Szerelem
I Love You : Szerelmes vagyok beled'

Language : Icelandic
Love : Elska
I Love You : Eg elska tig

Language : Indonesian
Love : Cinta
I Love You : Saya cinta padamu

Language : Innuit
Love : Naglingnerk
I Love You : Nagligivaget
Couple of tourists photographing a selfie in a city street,Love words 'I love you' in different lang
Language : Irish
Love : Gra
I Love You : Taim i' ngra leat

Language : Italian
Love : Amore
I Love You : Ti amo

Language : Javanese
Love : Kulo tresno
I Love You : Aku tresno kowe

Language : Kannada
Love : Priye
I Love You : Naanu ninna preetisuttene

Language : Korean
Love : Salang
I Love You : Sarang Heyo
Happy young couple,Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld
Language : Latin
Love : Amare
I Love You : Te amo

Language : Latvian
Love : Milestiba
I Love You : Es tevi miilu

Language : Lithuanian
Love : Meile
I Love You : Tave myliu

Language : Macedonian
Love : ljubov
I Love You : Te sakam

Language : Malay
Love : Cinta
I Love You : Aku cinta padamu
Hipster couple portrait in Stockholm with cherry blossoms,Love words 'I love you' in different langu
Language : Malayalam
Love : Premam
I Love You : Njan ninne premikkunnu

Language : Maltese
Love : Imhabba
I Love You : Inhobbok

Language : Norwegian
Love : Elsker
I Love You : Jeg Elsker Deg

Language : Romanian
Love : Dragoste
I Love You : Te iubesc
Lovers,Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld
Language : Serbian
Love : Ljubav
I Love You : Volim te

Language : Sindhi
Love : Pyaar
I Love You : Maa tokhe pyaar kendo ahyan

Language : Sioux
Love : Techihhila
I Love You : Techihhila

Language : Slovak
Love : Laska
I Love You : Lu`bim ta

Language : Slovenian
Love : Ljubezen
I Love You : Ljubim te
Love words 'I love you' in different languages of theWorld,Turkish man wearing thobe and Iranian Per
Language : Spanish
Love : Amor
I Love You : Te amo

Language : Swahili
Love : Upendo
I Love You : Ninapenda wewe

Language : Taiwanese
Love : Ai
I Love You : Wa ga ei li

Language : Tamil
Love : Kadhal
I Love You : Naan unnai kadhalikiren

Language : Thai
Love : Rak
I Love You : Phom rak khun
Language : Ukrainian
Love : lyubyty
I Love You : Ya tebe kahayu

Language : Vietnamese
Love : Yeu
I Love You : Anh yeu em

Language : Welsh
Love : Caru
I Love You : Rwy'n dy garu di

Language : Yiddish
Love : Leiba
I Love You : Ikh hob dikh
So, go ahead and impress your loved one by whispering those 3 magic words in any of the above given languages. You never know when you may need them, especially if you are traveling around the world.