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How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last and Is There an Expiry Date?

How Long do Rebound Relationships Last
There are a lot of preconceived notions surrounding rebound relationships. Is there any truth to them, or are we being overtly cautious in labeling them as unhealthy?
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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
What is it about rebound relationships that raises instant outrage? Why is it that your friends and well-wishers always advise you against getting into one? The rationale behind this is that an average rebound relationship does not last long. The lifespan of such a relationship could range from a few days to a few months, differing from individual to individual.
Falling in love or being in a relationship with someone is a wonderful feeling. Why then, do we make noise over a rebound relationship? The answer to this question lies in its very definition. People get into a rebound relationship within a short span after having broken up with someone. The reasons behind being on the rebound vary. However, a common factor is that all of us, as humans, crave to be loved. Therefore, it only seems natural that we move on in life instead of mopping our tears. As with everything related to love and romance, rebound relationships need to be analyzed, dissected, and taken apart. Here are a few musings that will help you understand them better.
What Are Rebound Relationships?
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Any person who has undergone a recent breakup or a divorce finds himself/herself in a vulnerable state. These vulnerabilities, at times, lead them to enter into a relationship even before they have well and truly moved on. When this happens, they try to seek solace in a new companion.
What Is It Like To Be In A Relationship With Someone Who Is On The Rebound?
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The person entering into a relationship with someone on the rebound, more often than not, gets a raw deal. It has been observed that people on the rebound often try to draw parallels between the current flame and the ex. He/she tends to expect a similar experience in the current relationship which is obviously unfair. Being on the rebound makes people emotionally susceptible, and the compatibility factor takes a beating.

Of course, there have been several instances where people have met their soulmate while being on the rebound. Nevertheless, men and women who are just out of a relationship tend to be in a delicate state of mind, and it strongly reflects in their behavior with the new partner.
Are These Relationships Doomed From The Start, Then?
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Certainly not. No relationship comes with a guaranteed expiration date of any kind, and a rebound relationship is nothing different. People unjustifiably make a big deal of them, which, to be frank, is very unfair. Getting attracted to someone and falling in love releases the same amount of the feel-good chemical, dopamine, as your brain does not differentiate between a so-called "real" relationship and a rebound one. So the next time you find yourself drawn to someone immediately after a breakup, leave the skepticism aside, and start afresh.

Then there are some who are addicted to the happy-twosome feeling that comes with being in a relationship. Post the split, they keep reaching out for the same feeling of companionship and fall headlong into the rebound trap. Once their head clears up, they try to make sense of their actions, which more often than not ends in a breakup.

Some of us jump into a new relationship only with the sole purpose of making our ex-partner jealous. This tactic does work for some when it comes to winning their ex back, but it leaves out the new person with a despondent feeling of being used. Love triangles, after all, have never been successful.
Are rebound relationships worth all the trouble?
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This is indeed a tough one. As mentioned before, people have found long-lasting happiness from a rebound relationship. As unpredictable as matters of the heart are, calculations of any sort can never bring you satisfactory answers. There are people who think of a rebound relationship as the best they've ever had. Some of us realize the pitfalls of being on the rebound, and end up being really tight pals. All in all, rebound relationships have been unfairly slotted in our mindset, and with good reason.

In ideal cases, individuals should allow themselves a period of recuperation after a breakup or a divorce, just so that they know what they want from life. Rushing into a relationship hardly leaves them with enough time to get over the previous one. It has been often seen that a delicate state of mind makes it difficult for anyone to give their 100% to a relationship. And half-hearted attempts rarely succeed, as we all know.

Any relationship should, ultimately, bring us happiness and satisfaction. A rebound relationship is no different. While the odds are heavily against its success rate, treat it with respect and honesty and, it can last you till the day you die.