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Got Nothing to Talk? Try These Romantic Conversation Starters

Romantic Conversation Starters
When you're with a partner and you've got this amazing spread of food and drink laid out, you want to take in the scenery or the moment but find yourself stumped in the conversation department. You'll find help on romantic conversation starters that you can use when the two of you have some alone time..
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2018
Romantic getaways, sneak-offs into the sunset, and hush-hush intentions of leaving town - all these dreamy plans call for extremely well put-together itineraries of lazing around in sandy beaches, strolling through grassy mountain tops, or sitting down to a classic candlelit dinner. But what if you have nothing to talk about? What if all you have is a pretty backdrop but zero conversation? That is no way to spend any romantic time away from home. Before you set out on such a trip or date night, ask yourself if there is something you wish to discuss or touch upon. It'll help keep you get ready for what is in store, and give you two something to mull over and work on in this section of romantic conversation starters.
How to Start a Romantic Conversation
This could be your spouse or partner that you want to start a romantic conversation with, which obviously means that you are either in love, or trying to ignite a spark with someone by using an intimate situation to do so. So let's see how you can strike up a romantic conversation without trying so hard.
What is Your Purpose?
Is there a reason that you need help in starting a romantic conversation? Like maybe you want to bring love back into your relationship, or stoke the dying flame of your marriage or make an advance on someone you really like? Find the reason behind why you need that nudge to make such a move, and you'll have a better way to tackling your problem. Just think of all the things you wish to talk about, the problems you've faced in the past and overcome, or the feelings you want to bare. If you really love / like this person it'll come naturally to you to start off with something like, 'You know I've been thinking about us a lot lately, and I...', or 'I know things have been rough lately and I haven't been myself. I haven't even made time to spend with you. I was hoping that you'd forgive me and that we could use this moment to catch up on everything we've missed out on in each other's lives...' or something like 'It's been a lonely couple of days without you and I was hoping that this trip would do us both some good to get out and just spend time in each other's company like we once used to so often...' and so.
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Talk About Each Other and Relive the Good Times
Talk about things that you two have in common and catch up about things related to it. Be it a hobby, a recent event or concert, a fun outing, or something you two have been dying to try out. Share your experiences of things that you two have never spoken of, and surprise each other with childhood tidbits. Relive humorous moments from the past, or talk about new ones that you didn't have the time to share with your partner. Plan a future outing or find a way to bring each other's families together for a good old-fashioned family dinner. If this person is someone you like and want a future with, even if it means taking things slowly, then talk about how you see yourself with them and why you think you two would make a great couple. Work out the little details or problems that you may face as a couple if say each one's families have opposing beliefs or ideologies. Use the time to lay out everything on the table and make it a habit to have these romantic getaways every once in a while to rekindle what you two share.
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These pointers will provide a crutch for those who find themselves fumbling for ways on how to start up a conversation. Just breathe and everything will follow once you know exactly what it is you have in mind to talk about.