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Second Date Tips

Tips to Make Your Second Date Even More Riveting Than the First

How well do you get to know a person in the first date? Not enough really. Here are some tips and ideas for a second date to make your meet all the more alluring.
Narayani Karthik
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
How do you go about on your first date? Introduce each other and discuss a few trivial things, like food, weather, and the surroundings in general? Is that all you need to know about a person? First date is never a reason enough to judge someone. A second date crops up when the first one is a success. So, how do you plan a second date? As John Gray aptly puts it, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", so the tips for both the genders are quite different.
Tips for Women
  • Arrive a little late:
    Punctuality exhibited by women during second dates can be mistaken for desperation. So, make sure that you do not arrive early or exactly on time for the date.
  • Shed your emotional baggage:
    Do not end up discussing your dicey past, if any, on a second date. Men do not like such conversations that can plant unnecessary doubts in them without a rhyme or reason.
  • Talk about genuine topics:
    This is your second date and the time to get to know the person better. Do not chatter as soon as you settle down. Let the guy initiate the conversation. Once started, ask him questions indicating your curiosity about knowing him.
  • Do not throw a finicky attitude around:
    Men are immediately put off by a fussy attitude. Arrogance and fretfulness are two things that can destroy any relation in no time. Instead of throwing the "I am what I am, don't dare to change me!" attitude, try to keep your eyes and ears open in knowing the person well, and make yourself as pleasant as possible.
  • Allow mild flirting:
    Flirting is not really a crime as long as it is harmless. So, if your date flirts a little bit, you don't have to get annoyed. Every female loves a bit of flattery and you are no exception! If you genuinely like the guy, you may coyly signal a third date as well.
  • Do not instigate intimacy:
    A second date is the best time to know if the person feels genuine about you or not. So, do not create any motives for your date that can get him ideas about getting physical with you. Until the friendship develops into a relationship, intimacy can wait!
Tips for Men
  • Take initiative and show interest:
    Women always appreciate men who take initiatives. It creates the interest factor in them.
  • Suggest interesting meeting places:
    Most women prefer to meet up at movie halls, museums, and sporting events. So, make it a point to offer your girl choices before deciding the place. Believe me, girls love to be asked out to places. Also, make sure you pick her up on time and drop her back home as well. It'll definitely earn you her respect and attention.
  • Communicate:
    To fix a date, inform her of the plan at least 3 days beforehand. Women always like unabridged talk, so any flaw in communication is sure to change her impression about you. Keep the communication straight, and devoid of doubts and flirtatious intentions.
  • Maintain distance:
    A second date is definitely not the right time to get cozy, but a little flirting, such as appreciating her looks or her dressing sense, is fine. Small gestures, like a peck on the cheek, is also permitted only if your date has no qualms about it. Women, unless and until comfortable, will never appreciate overly flirtatious moves. So, if you are serious about your date, the buttery feelings leading to intimacy can surely wait! This is one of the most important dating tips for men.
  • Be honest:
    Honesty is the best policy is a universal truth even for relationships. It goes with earning a woman's trust, which is not so easy to acquire.
  • Treat her special:
    On a second date, treat her with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or a soft toy. The lady is sure to get impressed by this gesture. At the same time, do not be extravagant in showering too many gifts. This can lead to make her believe you are quite desperate.
  • Just be yourself:
    Women appreciate if men are genuine in expressing themselves. This is a feeling that comes from within. There is no pretension needed in impressing a woman. Just be yourself and you will know the results.
Common Tips
  • If you're interested in getting to know him/her better, then LISTEN, as that is the best way to understand someone.
  • Observe your date's behavior to know their likes and dislikes.
  • Do not jump to conclusions. Getting judgmental is as good as being blind to facts.
  • Do not misinterpret dating as a relationship. After all, a second date is an evaluation check to know if the relation is worth taking forward.
I hope the above mentioned tips help you in making your date a big success. So what are you waiting for? Just keep these tips in mind on your second date and see the difference!
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