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Signs of Romantic Attraction

Signs of Romantic Attraction: Have You Experienced Any of These?

Think the cute guy next door is interested in you, but aren't entirely sure if you're right? If yes, you can check out some signs of romantic attraction in this article, and they can serve as a basic guideline to understand what a person feels about you.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Romantic attraction is something that is known and felt from within. In this busy world, we often come across various types of people - some make a good impression on our minds, whereas some hardly make a difference to our lives. It so happens that only a few people touch our hearts in a very special way, and we feel inclined towards such people very differently.
However, is it possible to know if someone is attracted to you? We do always worry about reading the wrong gestures and then having to face rejection. We also fervently hope for some sure signs and wish there was a goblet that would reveal the truth! Although there's no such goblet, we do have some signs of romantic attraction which can be used as a guideline to know for sure if the person you like is interested in you.
A feeling of love and adoration between two people is something that can be measured or observed through various ways. The body language of a person can reveal a lot about him or her. It can definitely be used to understand one's feelings and thoughts.
► The eyes can reveal many things about a person, and can give emotions away. If you have met an interesting person at a function and he/she gives you long, lingering looks, perhaps in a very sensual manner, you can rest assured that the person is interested. Deep or shy gazes, and frequent, discreet glances in your direction mean that there's something brewing in his/her mind.
► Make it a point to notice the person's hands when you are conversing with him/her. Running fingers through the hair, or twirling strands of hair around the fingers is often a sign the person is interested in you. He or she may even have subconsciously copied your seating stance, and may flash a brilliant smile every time you look into his/her eyes.
► If the person you think is attracted to you is from your circle of friends, you are bound to experience him/her getting touchy, a little more than usual. Holding the arm gently, or touching the hand for a little longer than required are all signs you should look out for.
► When a person takes an interest in your hobbies and likes and dislikes, it is a sure sign of romantic inclination. The person is bound to make more efforts to get to know you better. He/she may start to hang out at the places you frequent, or may even try to accompany you to different places. He/she may call you often, or take a genuine interest in your circle of friends and your family.
► A sudden interest in your life is a clear indication that tells you if a person is attracted to you. This is simply because he/she wants to know you better. Finding excuses to spend time with you is yet another sign. If you both enjoy each other's company, then what's stopping you from returning the sweet gestures?
These aforementioned signs are an indication to know and understand what a person thinks and feels. If you find the person genuine enough, you can go ahead and reciprocate the feelings if you feel the same about him/her! Best of luck!