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Tips on Kissing

Tips on Kissing That'll Help You NOT to Goof Up at the Right Time

Whether it is your first kiss or hundredth, with someone new or with your soulmate, it is something that you will cherish forever. This LoveBondings post gives you some tips on kissing so that you make sure it is the best experience ever and don't goof up on time.
Dhananjay Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
"A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness."
― Ingrid Bergman

Kissing is a universally accepted way of showing love and affection for someone. Nothing can be more expressive than a kiss. The first kiss is always the hardest. It's completely okay to be nervous if it's your first time. You just have to make sure that you get it right and don't fumble upon unless you intend to not meet her again. There are chances that it may make or break your future chance of dating. Those already in a relationship or dating, couples should not limit kissing merely while making out, as the conclusion to a date, or a prelude to something more.
Kissing your lover should be an everyday affair, an expression of your love for her. You should not use every kissing session as a prelude to sex. Without wasting much time, let us check out some tips for getting that kiss right!
Kissing Techniques

The secret to being a great kisser is to keep it simple and sexy. Forget about impressing her with that Casanovian kiss. Instead, indulge yourself in a simple, sexy, and intimate kiss. Rid your mind of any kissing performance thoughts, and instead, realize that she's opening the door to her soul and body. Enjoy the moment!
You can tell whether or not he is eager to kiss you. Here are some ways. He could have worked on the science project with someone else, but he asked you. He could have called somebody else to chat about the English assignment, but he called you. He could have sat anywhere in the cafeteria, but he sat next to you. It all means he likes to hang out with you.
And what about when you're with him. Does he sit close to you? Does he smile and look happy when you're together? These are all signs that he likes you and might want to kiss you.

Dos and Don'ts of Kissing
  • First of all, make sure you don't have a bad breath.
  • Don't drool all over her mouth while kissing. Women don't like wet or sloppy kisses.
  • Don't keep your lips stiff and rigid. You've got to keep your lips soft and sensuous. She needs to be able to feel your lips.
  • Don't keep your lips closed. Open your lips! Women don't enjoy kissing just a slit on a guys face.
  • If you don't know how to kiss properly, try to practice on the back of your hand. Pretend that you are kissing a hot & sexy beautiful woman that you're dying to become intimate with.
  • In short, if you really want to succeed with single women in the love and romance department, you must be a good kisser.
  • A great kiss should always be when you're alone with her.
  • But I do believe that a first kiss should be the goodbye kiss. When you're dropping her off at her place or saying goodbye until the next time, and if it all went well with her on date, then go ahead and kiss her goodbye. DON'T ask if you can kiss her or not. It may blow away your chances for some romantic moments.
  • Bear in mind the hands should not be used to prevent the woman from going anywhere or to clamp her head into one uncomfortable position. Remember, most women like men to toy gently with their hair.
  • Keep in mind that using your tongue is not required for kissing. If you are not experienced, save the French kissing (kiss using your tongue) for later.

Some of the greatest kisses are all about the lips. When you are comfortable kissing your partner, experiment with different ways to taste and nuzzle his lips. Live in the moment and keep your mind from wandering or thinking about something else.
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