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Top Ten Signs a Guy Likes You and is Wanting a Relationship

Top Ten Signs a Guy Likes You
He likes me. He likes me not. He likes me. He likes me not. Stop guessing and learn how to know that a guy likes you, in this article about top ten signs a guy likes you.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Even if a guy likes a girl with all his heart, he would not be very forthcoming with his feelings as guys are brought up to hide them or keep them in control. However, guys are not really able to do this when they fall for a girl. Although they may not actually say it, their body language and behavior around a girl they like can betray them. So, for all those girls who are not sure whether that cute guy in their class or office actually likes them, here are the signs to look for which show that a guy is interested in being more than just friends with you.
The Eyes Say It
If a guy likes you, you will feel him staring at you when you are not looking. When you look back, he will look away as he will get conscious of the fact that you have noticed him staring at you. If he is the super-confident sorts, he will keep on looking at you. On the other hand, if he is shy, he would feel embarrassed and start looking at anything or anyone else but you.
I am There
One of the sure signs that a guy likes you is that you will find him at places that you frequent a lot. In order to be near you, he might take up the same classes if you are in school or college, or he might try to take up the same assignments if you two work together. In other words, you will find him wherever you go!
The Perfect Gentleman
When a guy really likes a girl, he would want to leave a very good impression on her. So, he will be at his best behavior around you. He will talk politely, open doors for you, offer to help you in all sorts of ways, walk you home if it's late ... In short, he will do all those things that make him seem like a good catch to you.
I Remember
If he likes you, he will listen to each and every word that you say. And he will not only listen, but will actually remember it too! Now, everybody knows that guys are the last creatures on this earth who would think of or remember things about anybody but themselves. So, if he has taken the pains of remembering what you say, he is definitely smitten by you.
He is Funny
When a guy is really interested in a girl, he will do all that he possibly can to make her smile and laugh. As sense of humor is high on the list of must-haves that girls look for in potential partners, by making them laugh guys show that they are "boyfriend material".
He is Attractive
We have all heard stories of how certain guys rarely change their socks or how they take a bath once in a while. Now, all this changes when he is out there to impress you. So, if you notice a change in the way the guy dresses up, if he has started putting on cologne, polishing his shoes, combing his hair nicely when he knows that you will be there, it shows that he wants to appear physically appealing to you.
Don't Come Near
If the guy feels a bit jealous when you get too close to other guys or when you flirt with others, it shows that in his heart he already thinks that you are his. Guys act possessive only when they fear that they might lose you to someone else.
We have so much in Common
If a guy likes you, he will act very interested in the things that you like. So, if you say that you love to watch movies, he will say that he is a great movie buff too. By doing this, he is trying to build affinity with you.
The Lean and Touch
Look at the guy when he is talking to you. Does he lean towards you? Does he touch you innocently while talking? Does he face his body towards you even while standing in a group? Does he sometimes act nervous or fidgety when you are around? Is he constantly trying his best to appeal to you in some way? All these signs say that the guy is interested in you.
Let's Do It
If the guy is unsure of how you feel and wants to ask you out on a date, instead of asking straight away, he will casually mention doing "things" together. It can be something like walking back together from college to hostel or attending the same hobby class. By your reaction, he is trying to gauge whether you too like being with him or not.
These are the top ten signs to know that a guy likes you. So, try to look out for these in the guy you are interested in. If you find him displaying them, you too give back hints by smiling, talking to him, and making him comfortable around you so that he has the courage to come to you and ask you out.
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