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Bold Truth or Dare Questions for Couples That'll Revive the Romance

Truth or Dare Questions for Couples
You don't want to be in one of those romantic relationships where everything is said and done, and all that is left around is monotony. Bring some excitement in your life by playing the 'Truth or Dare' game with your close friends and their partners.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
❝Tell the truth, or eventually someone will tell it for you.❞
― Author Unknown
Truth or Dare is one game that is sure to make any gathering a guaranteed gala affair. The best part about this game is that it can be played anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is gather some really good company, spin a bottle, and venture into the world that needs you to have courage to utter the truth, and the craziness to get into some bold dares.

'Truth or Dare' is known to have existed for centuries. In fact, there is a record of a variant of this game from the early 1700s. This just substantiates the fact that people have always found this concept intriguing. The nature of questions and commands involved in this game can both make you elated and nervous, perhaps, even hesitant. But that's the beauty of it after all! The truths and dares given in this game vary depending upon the kind of group you're playing it with. For couples, the questions generally range from being cute to mushy to romantic to cheesy to naughty to kinky.
Amazing Truth or Dare Questions for Couples
✰ Have you two ever skinny dipped in a public pool?
✰ Deep within, do you believe that you deserve someone much better than your current partner?
✰ Did you both go to old public libraries only with the intention of having sex?
✰ Have you two-timed while being in a relationship?
✰ Which physical aspect of your partner do you dislike? Why?
✰ Are you serious about your relationship?
✰ Tell us one thing that you are hiding from your girlfriend/boyfriend and 'intended' to hide it forever.
✰ Pick out one person in the room whom you think will be a bad date.
✰ What's the best part of being a guy/girl?
✰ Give the list of excuses you always use (and which work) when you want to avoid your lover.
✰ Describe your first time.
✰ What do you think your partner should change in himself/herself, to make your relationship stronger?
✰. According to you, what is that one quality your partner has that no one else can ever have?
✰ Did you say yes to your present girlfriend/boyfriend only to forget your ex?
✰ Tell us one thing you wish you wouldn't have said to your girl/guy ... ever!
✰ Have you ever fantasized about someone (not a celebrity) while doing it with your partner?
✰ Do you think your current partner is marriage material?
✰ Tell us one thing that you and your lover decided not to tell anyone else.
PS: Make sure they give the answer separately, to two different people, in their ears.
✰ Have you ever worn each other's clothes?
✰ How much do you rate your partner in bed?
✰ What is your wildest sexual fantasy?
✰ Tell us about the most embarrassing moment you have had in front of your partner?
✰ Name a fictional character you would want your partner to dress up as for a role play.
✰ What is that one question you don't want us to ask you.
✰ Have you ever kissed or had sex with a person from the same gender?
✰ Name an animal that somehow reminds you of your girlfriend/boyfriend.
✰ If you had a chance to switch your partner with someone else in this game, who would it be and why? We don't want celebrity names.
✰ Have you ever been hit by your partner? Why?
✰ Do you think your partner has changed? What is the one thing that you miss about him/her?
✰ This is for the females: Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Bold Commands for Truth or Dare
✰ Perform a sexy dance on ice, on the tune of a nursery rhyme, perhaps, "Twinkle twinkle little star?"
✰ Give a lap dance to any male/female present in the room, in front of your lover.
✰ Go on the road with your boyfriend, and shout for ten minutes that you are not going to have sex tonight because he did not get your favorite flavor of condoms.
✰ Give five rounds of horseback ride to your girlfriend in public and sing, "Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross."
✰ Mimic the tongue twister, "She sells seashells on the seashore," to at least three strangers; they MUST understand what you are saying!
✰ Talk only senseless things throughout the game, remember, not a single 'sane' word is allowed.
✰ Kiss all other guys/girls in the room, except your partner, and then explain how they were better than your current mate.
✰ Do a paper dance on a tissue paper, and at the same time, balance a balloon in between the both of you!
✰ Sit at the rest of the game wearing each other's clothes―both inside and out!
✰ Pour your drink on each other and clean it by licking it off each other, one by one.
✰ Imitate each other for at least five minutes each, one by one of course.
✰ With your girl sitting on your back (like a horseback), do ten push ups continuously, saying, "You need to lose weight," each time you go down.
✰ Wear her makeup, while she draws a mustache and beard with an eye pencil on herself. Stay that way till the rest of the game.
✰ Go to a stranger and ask him which sex position you should try the next time.
✰ Do a pole dance, with the girl being the pole, in the whole act.
✰ Go to a stranger and start fighting in front of him/her. Involve the stranger in the fight too, by asking his/her opinion about who is right in the argument. Your mission is to annoy the stranger.
✰ Stay tied to each other for the rest of the game.
PS: You can either get tied from the waist, or, probably tie her left hand with your right.
✰ With her T-shirt tucked properly, and her hands tied, drop a few ice cubes in her shirt. Now, with your hands tied at the back, try to take out those ice cubes, using your face.
✰ Hold an ice cube in between your lips (yours and hers) and stay in that position till the ice cube melts completely.
✰ Both you and her, stuff your mouth with rum balls, or any other food item with similar consistency, and kiss each other.
✰ Kiss someone from the same-sex passionately―both of you!
✰ Both of you will be blindfolded, and taken to distant corners of the room. Just by calling out to each other, you must find a way to come together and kiss. Note, that other participants of the game may also be around to confuse you. If you kiss the wrong person .... That would be interesting!
✰ Act like monkeys and try to woo each other, like you think monkeys would.
✰ Unbutton his shirt using your mouth.
✰ Both of you place an egg in between your scalp, right at the base, and do a 360-degree rotation with an aim to keep the egg intact.
✰ Stuff your mouth with crackers and sing a duet song to each other. You're not supposed to chew and swallow the crackers.
✰ Seduce another couple in the same room so that they get convinced of a foursome. We mean just for the sake of the game. The aim is to listen to the words you say.
✰ Lift your girl and take five rounds of the room, running.
As popular as this game is, it can also be equally controversial and chaotic in its ways. The need of the hour is to remember that what happens during a 'Truth or Dare' game, stays within a 'Truth or Dare' game. If played with the right kind of sporty spirit, it can be one of the most crazy and fun-filled games for couples. So, what do you choose―truth, or, dare?