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A Comprehensive List of Questions to Ask a Guy

21 Questions to Ask a Guy
Looking for interesting questions to ask a guy on a first date or to the person with whom you are in truly love? Check out the list of 21 questions that would keep you engaged in a conversation with him.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
While some women are extremely prudent in starting a conversation with guys, others think too much before speaking up. At some point of our life, we all might have faced this situation wherein we sit like a dumb for not having anything to talk about with our companion. Dealing with such a situation is tougher for gals who are introvert by nature. However, initiating a conversation with a guy becomes easy when you know the subjects that will interest him the most.
The first thing that you need to erase from your mind is the very thought, 'what will he think if I ask him this; will he mind'. The more you deal freely with the person, the better you get along. And most importantly, you have to scrub off that attitude, 'why should I be the first one to talk'. You can make the conversation interesting by asking a couple of questions to know each other better. Do not be unnecessarily nervous and fidgety while talking with him. Be conscious of your body movements and make sure your attention is focused completely on him.
21 Questions to Ask a Guy on First Date
So you are finally dating the candy of your eye. Apart from knowing the basic dating etiquette (you must know), you should also be careful about shooting only those questions that will impress him. Do not end up asking something too personal or boring stuff in the first date, rather be a little sportive and mildly flirtatious. Crack good humor and be witty enough while responding to his answers. The questions are ready for you...
1. What kind of movies interest you?
2. What are your hobbies?
3. What kind of books do you generally read?
4. Are you a gadget freak?
5. What were you expecting before meeting me?
6. Whom do you look up to?
7. Do you know how to play musical instruments?
8. Whom are you generally close to?
9. Are you emotional or too much practical?
10. Do you like pets?
11. Do you like adventure and traveling?
12. What is your favorite sport?
13. Are you scared of anything?
14. What qualities are you looking for in your partner?
15. What's the most craziest thing you have done in your life?16. Do you have any siblings?
17. Do you believe in God?
18. How many girls have you dated in the past? (ask this question if the date is going really well)
19. Will this be a memorable date for you?
20. Can we meet for coffee once again?
21. Do you plan to kiss me tonight?
21 Questions to ask the Guy you Truly Love
Now that you are involved in a steady romantic relationship, you will definitely want to know your partner better. I'm sure those wonderful dates have brought you closer to him and you are free enough to ask personal questions. It's normal to be curious to know his secrets and want him to share everything with you. So go ahead asking these questions.
1. Describe me in one word.
2. Would you have expressed your feelings if I didn't take the first step?
3. Were you in a serious relationship in the past?
4. Have you ever cheated on anyone?
5. What was your first impression about me?
6. Who is the most important person in your life?
7. Will you console me if I cry?
8. Which is your most cherished memory?
9. Do you want kids?
10. What's the most embarrassing moment of your life?
11. Is there something important that you still haven't told me?
12. If I had to move because of my job, would you move with me?
13. Who is more close to you; me or your best friend?
14. How much do you miss me when I am away from you?
15. Do you respect my parents?
16. When do you feel the most loved?
17. What is my most annoying habit?
18. Are you scared of losing me?
19. What is the best way for me to encourage you?
20. Do you want to change anything in me? (don't be angry if you don't like the answer)
21. What is your favorite place to make love?
That was a comprehensive list indeed! A word of advice, do not hesitate to ask anything when you are prepared to face the answers. All the best!