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Apps to Make Your Long-distance Relationship Work

Apps to Make Your Long-distance Relationship Work

Loving from a distance is the toughest thing to do while in a relationship. But with the advancement in technology, this distance can be bridged with just a click. Take a look at some of the greatest apps to make your long-distance relationship work.
Mukta Gaikwad
And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.
― Khalil Gibran
In a long-distance relationship, love is tested at the cost of your mental sanity. As this begins to take a serious toll on you, it hampers your relationship too. However, there is a serious reason why we need to be ever so grateful to our smartphone applications. Today, a smartphone is not just a phone, but an extension of oneself. It keeps you entertained, informed, alert, and connected to the world you care so much about.

Today, these very applications are about to salvage relationships too. They say, distance makes the hearts grow fonder, but little do these wise men realize that distance can also be the cause of drifting away from one another. However, there are simple ways by which you can revive that lost hope in your relationship, rekindle the romance, and draw strength from each other once again. All you need, along with these apps, is a little time to dedicate to the love of your life. So, let us take a look at some of the helpful apps to reignite the dying embers of your relationship.
Avocado is like a personal diary with email. Here, the two of you can send private messages, make lists and plan for dates, dream vacations, grocery shopping, movies, and other such fun stuff. You can also personalize your emoticons, which are called 'photocons', take quick notes, and save personalized template messages.

Price: FREE
Couple gives you a chance to share your distant lives in an intimate way. You both can be connected in a totally private way. This application allows you to share your history, and make a timeline of all the special moments you have spent together. An interesting feature of this application is 'Send Secrets'. You can send photos, which will disappear within a fixed time frame.

Price: FREE
With Tokii, you have the chance of taking your long-distance relationship to a whole new level. This application allows you to play games collectively and get some relationship advice as well. The 'MoodMeter' feature of this application allows your partner to understand how you are feeling, with its mini love notes. This has given communication a new definition of normal. The silence in phone calls due to anger, frustration, and miscommunication can be easily shared through these notes. These unique modes of communication are truly changing the dynamics of relationships today.

Price: FREE
The little private space 'Between' two people is where the magic of a relationship lies. Discover the realm of this private space with Between, an application made specifically for couples living far away from each other. You can chat, talk, share photos, and create a timeline of moments just for the two of you. An interesting feature of this application is that you can bookmark favorite pictures and memos, and save them in a 'Memory Box'. Similarly, you can save deals and offers you may like in an 'Event Box'.

Price: FREE
Icebreak for Couples
Add a little spice to your relationship with this app. This easy-to-use application tickles your imagination a little with some fun questions. The interesting part is that these questions can not only be privately answered, but can also be shown publicly. The answers you provide help you collect 'Date Night Coins', which can be exchanged for discounts at local restaurants. The wall on this application gives the two of you private space to share photos and messages.

Price: $1.99
This is an application that is available only for iOS. This application was made in Iraq for couples to stay connected while on deployment. However, this application has proved to be very useful for couples who are victims of a hectic schedule.

Price: FREE
Long Distance Relationship
Those living away from their spouses, girlfriends, or boyfriends would understand the seriousness of these applications. Long Distance Relationship is another such application that helps ease out the creases in your relationship with helpful advice and essential tips. This application gives you a detailed plan of how to make your equation work out through the aching distance.

Price: FREE
101 Ideas to Make Happy Relationship
Things rarely work out the way you want them to. This is why getting a fresh perspective on things every once in a while is important. This application helps both the parties to understand each other in a different light. It can give your relationship a new direction, filling it with the missing strength, and giving the two of you a renewed hope to deal with your relationship positively.

Price: FREE
A busy schedule, urgency, and pressures to carve careers have left no time for romance and relationships. It is, thus, getting increasingly difficult to spend time with those people for whom we work so hard. Yes, virtual love was never the idea of living a romance, but the rules have changed now. Creating the 'new normal' by accepting the technologies to bring us closer is the only way of salvaging our relationships. Today, this remains our only solution to growing up with kids who are far away, husbands who are constantly traveling, and wives who are setting up homes for their families to come back to. Make use of these applications to drive away those moments of despair, when you need love the most. Get closer with the privacy of these apps to build on the relationship you had always wanted.