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How to Know for Sure if a Guy is Playing With Your Feelings

How to Know if a Guy is Playing With Your Feelings
On some day it seems like he hates you, while on some, he loves you like there is no tomorrow. When your stance in a relationship seems confusing, it is time to introspect a little and know what's really happening. LoveBondings will help you decipher your guy, and find out the meaning behind his actions towards you.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting.
― Albus Dumbledore
Well, such is youth. Carefree, unaware, daring, and most importantly, seeking. The love you sought much earlier in life, may have built your hopes of happily ever afters. But as you grow older and wiser, the understanding of relationships changes. The dynamics change too, and it is at this juncture that you begin to realize the difference between what should have been and what it actually is.

After being with Mr. Right now, if it still leaves you in a quandary about where you stand with him, then there are certain signs you need to watch out for. Sometimes, it so happens that some important signs are brushed off under the carpet, as confronting the issue seems like a tough thing to do. But if you are nearing a tipping point with constant frustration and hurt, here are a few sure signs that will help you understand the status quo of your relationship.
He never apologizes or thanks you ...
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Show of love is not just through sweet talk, but also via gestures of appreciation such as gratitude. While it is true that every relationship changes over time, it is absolutely false that it must take a negative turn. Living with a thankless partner, can be very hurtful and heartbreaking. Also, if he never owns up to his mistakes, then there is something to worry about. Being an understanding partner in a relationship is one thing, but being completely submissive to a point of living an oppressed life is definitely no way of continuing the relationship. Being at the receiving end of all the blame, while he takes none, should tell you something about where you are headed with him.
He always has an excuse
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Whether it is picking up the groceries, returning your call, or replying to an important message, if he always has an excuse, he is surely playing with your feelings. When emergency situations get frequent, office hours become ungodly, and forgetting becomes more of an habit, know that you are being tricked time and again. It is next to impossible that a person can have an excuse for everything that is planned or something that requires immediate attention. If he stands you up every single time, then there is something that you need to analyze.
He never values your time and effort
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Does he always make you wait? Does he never turn up home for dinner? Does he eat outside, despite you cooking for him at home? If such is the case, then he has stopped valuing your time and effort. No matter what you may do for him, know that he is seeing past it. So, every attempt you make and the more you keep investing in this relationship, will only be in vain.
He is emotionally unavailable
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A relationship, above all things, has to be a companionship. If, at any point, this facet begins to fail, constant turmoil sets in. Women are far more expressive and expect a reciprocal communication to satiate their emotional needs. But, if you partner has been emotionally unavailable for you in the recent past, it can lead to loneliness, silent brooding, and unwanted frustration. If this behavior is a recent development, then you have to get to the root cause of it. If he is shutting you out for no apparent reason, know that there is a bigger undercurrent motivating such behavior. Hence, these actions towards you are deliberate and with an intention to hurt.
He takes the relationship for granted
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The biggest sign which will tell you that he is playing with your emotions and feelings is that he will take the relationship for granted. He will slowly begin pulling away, not caring about you or the things you share in common, he will stop communicating, and begin living like he is single again.
All these things can seem extremely confusing, and it is very easy to slip into a mode of self-doubt. If the aforementioned symptoms are regularly seen or experienced in your relationship, know that he is playing with your feelings. He is simply not interested in continuing the relationship. However, might hang around till you actually take the bull by its horns and come to a decision about it. There is no point in living a life of misery and uncertainty. So, bid goodbye to bad rubbish, and focus on reinventing yourself for a more fulfilling relationship!
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