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These are Best Things About Having a Boyfriend, isn't it Gals?

Best Things About Having a Boyfriend
Love and companionship are the best things out there! Whether the relationship is casual or serious, there are many benefits of having a boyfriend. For starters, you don't have to struggle to find a date. Neither do you have to have a depressing February. Your guy will be available for you - always. Plenty of dates then - in the garden, theater, shopping mall, restaurant, and more.
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Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
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Hugs and kisses
Getting to express love is one of the best things about having a boyfriend; no more hookups with random guys to satisfy your craving. You get opportunities to - kiss him passionately (whenever, wherever), maintain a nice figure go for bike rides hugging him like cling film, and get intimate with someone you care about. Nothing beats the magical moment when you make passionate love, cuddle each other, and lovingly look into each other's eyes.
Vent it out
We are all flawed humans, and need someone to vent our frustration. One of the perks of having a boyfriend is that you don't need to have pent-up emotions; you can come home, tired, on a Friday evening, after facing a bad day and an irritated boss, and have someone to release your emotions. He will be matured enough to understand that you need to throw a few tantrums to feel at peace. Conversely, you must do the same for him.
Happy parents
Your parents will be over the moon that you are at least seeing someone. Speaking of family, one of the pros of having a boyfriend is that he'll help you survive all through elaborate, traditional family dinners.
Helping hand
He'll always lend you a hand. For everything. You have someone to share takeouts with, to carry heavy stuff around, to fix things inside the house, and the like. You can be sure that your man will willingly function as a part-time plumber, mechanic, electrician, dance partner, and everything else for you, including paying bills and handling your expenses. That said, do not take advantage of his chivalrous nature; acknowledge what he has done, and contribute your bit too.
The blessed warmth of companionship
Do every little thing together. Take photographs. Go for a ride. Go apple-picking and wine tasting. Like each other's pictures. Spend important days together. Have couples' costumes for festivals. Go for picnics by the lake. Be domestic. Cook for each other. Watch movies. Read books. Make out in the rain. Play games. Show each other off to friends. Spend quality time. Wear his shirt. Zip her dress. Talk. Understand. Fight. Makeup. Kiss. Just have fun. Experience companionship. Be together.
It's lovely to be in love
He will love you despite everything. You can be embarrassing, not wax your hands, and talk about idiotic stuff. But, he'll still pay attention to you, give you presents, hold your hand, tell you that nothing can keep the two of you apart, whisper sweet nothings, and make you blush. He is your boyfriend because he cares for you. You know he truly loves you beyond your body. And, it's a blessing to trust him, to love him.
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