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Boyfriend Nicknames List

A Fabulous List of Cute And Romantic Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Want to make your boyfriend feel truly special, then choose a cute nickname for him, from the several options given in this list. Let me warn you though, some of these are really embarrassing to be used in public.
Ratnashri Dutta
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Nicknames are intimate, as they show how close a person is. Giving nicknames to a person you like, is a common thing especially among couples. Nicknames are an indication of closeness between two people.
Girls have the habit of giving nicknames either to a guy whom they have a crush on or their boyfriend. Some of these are sweet and cute and the guy is sure to feel; proud and loved. But, hey, there are some which can actually make the guy go red in the face if called in public.
List of Boyfriend Nicknames
The most important factor to be considered when choosing a nickname for your guy, is his personality. Depending on certain cute mannerisms he has, or his silly idiosyncrasies, you can choose the name that best suits him. Take your time, and I am sure you will find the name that connects well with him.
  • Adorable
  • Angel
  • Angry Man
  • Babes
  • Babykins
  • Bambino
  • Bello
  • Boo Bear
  • Boo-boo
  • Boo-Boo Pants
  • Bunbuns
  • Captain
  • Casanova
  • Champ
  • Cherub
  • Cutie Wootie
  • Darling
  • Dew Drop
  • Dolcezza
  • Dream Guy
  • Dummy
  • Egghead
  • Heart Throb
  • Hero
  • Honey Bunny
  • Hot Lips
  • Jumbo
  • Kitty
  • Knight in Shining Armor
  • Lamb
  • Lieber
  • Maddy
  • Marshmallow Man
  • Mi Amor
  • Mi Angel
  • Mi Vida
  • Momo
  • Monkey
  • Monkey Butt
  • Mr. Bones
  • Mr. Google head
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Muggles
  • My Beloved
  • My Boo
  • My Hunk
  • My King
  • Peachy Pie
  • Pooky-Pooky
  • Poopie
  • Pope
  • Precious
  • Prince
  • Romeo
  • Schmoooky Pookie Poo
  • Shaggy
  • Snuggle Bunny
  • Snuggles
  • Soldier
  • Stinky
  • Stud
  • Sunshine
  • Sweet Potato
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetie
  • Tabby
  • Tarzan
  • Tiger
  • Turtle

Besides these names, there are also some funny nicknames for boyfriends that can make them go red when called like that in front of their friends and families. And trust me, girls can come up with some funny nicknames like that. Imagine being called Mr. Foo-foo in front of all his friends and family members!
I would just die laughing if I heard a girl call her boyfriend Boo-boo in public. Hats off to them for coming up with names like this. Keep in mind guys that we give nicknames to those whom we really love and who are really close to us. So no cribbing. And girls, hope this list was of at least some use to you. I would love to learn what you call your boyfriend and I will let you know what I would call mine.