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Cute and Fun Communication Games for All You Couples Out There

Communication Games for Couples
Lack of communication weakens most of the relationship strings. To strengthen them effectively, get help with some communication games for couples. The article below might be your key to unlock a happily ever after relationship.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Did Adam and Eve have relationship issues? Perhaps not, cause, Adam did not have his friends come over to raise a bachelor toast, while watching a Saturday soccer match, nor did eve ever have to crank about, how she felt ignored and how messy the house got afterward. Lucky? Yes, very lucky. For the rest of the world, life remains the same, and relationships have much more than just love to take care about. In the beginning, when the dew drops trickle as you see or talk to your love is very natural and precious, but as you grow in a relationship, more responsibilities sprout, and the charm is bound to fade away naturally. The biggest hurdle in de-tangling relationship issues is the lack of communication. Most of the time, women complain of not getting enough ear to their worries, while men will complain of being tired of listening to them. With such clashes, the ego is bound to create a wall, and eventually, both will choose to stay mum and drag the relation, simply by the day, the way it comes. This is suffocating and frustrating too. The reason you fall in a relationship is to get security, emotional space and be happy, with the best of oneself for each other. The statement, 'I will always be there for you', seldom is followed. As, most of the couples will not find time, or fail to narrow down to a healthy discussion. So, to encourage a healthy discussion and communication in a relationship, we have compiled some of the most effective, communication games for couples. With these communication exercises, also with a hint of fun, you can slowly bridge the communication gap in your relationship. Most of the counselors also suggest of communication activities for couples, that can save a lot in a relationship or marriage.
Communication Activities for Couples
The most important thing is to be willing to make it work. With a negative attitude, you will only reduce the chances of good result even after excellent effort. We have these communication games for adults, which are inspired from expert advice too. Let's begin.
Picture This
A lot of communication issues arise due to the lack of understanding each other. To know your partner in a relationship, try this game. You will need objects that can help you create or build. For example, kids clay, blocks and boxes, or for that sake even some crayons and chart. Now sit down with your partner, with you backs facing and touching each other. So that you are just sitting back-to-back. Now, each should take turns to describe a picture, structure, etc. in detail. The other should try to visualize and create the closest possible object or drawing with the description. Then turn and discuss the final object or answer. How it could have been more detailed. (And yes do not, get back in an argument while doing this!) This will help you know how well you understand and can relate to how your partners think. Repeat this a few times, soon you will find communication easy and fun.
Repeat and Reverse
This game is more of fun, when testing the best of your each others patience and tolerance. For this game simply sit back and relax. Now each gets a turn to talk, while the partner is talking, the other should listen carefully. You will need to pick topics that are leading to issues troubling you. For example work, or house work or even taking care of groceries, the lawn and garden, pets, etc. Choose wisely as your turn comes for the talk. Now after the partner talks, the other has to answer him/her and repeat the issue in his/her own words. This can be done as a discussion while adding your own opinion as answer to the repeated sentence. For example, if you choose a topic like mowing or watering the lawn. He starts with, "Do you think I avoid watering and mowing the lawn?", she replies with repeating his sentence, but with an answer, " I feel you find excuses to avoid watering and mowing the lawn." Next he can continue the discussion with, " If I understand you correctly, you feel I am giving excuses, for mowing and watering the lawn. Whereas, I genuinely get no time on weekends, with a lot of work pending." Well, continue this task till you find a concrete solution to the issue. This gives time for the person to speak up and also encourages the partner to actively listen. And guys, let this be a healthy discussion and not a cold war of words.
For Your Eyes Only
Now this may be the most loved for the women out there. This is more of a romantic game, with effectively enhancing communication in the partners. The couple must sit facing each other, hold hands and look in the eyes of each other. Hold the moment for a minute or two. Now, discuss the silliest of things or the most casual things with your partner. Start one by one, exchange thoughts and issues like, the best part about being with each other, the last movie or game that you watched together. It can be simple like how was the day in office, etc., so keep it simple. After few minutes and one or two rounds of discussion. The couple may sit together and express how they felt during the whole activity. Even if there was discomfort, talk it out and communicate it across. This will help you understand and encourage a healthy comfort when discussing issues.
Coffee Shooters
This may be easiest and the most simple games of all, however it is fun and effective. All you need to do is sit across on a couch or a comfy chair. Each one of you will get a chance to shoot questions to your partner. The partner has to answer all the questions. This is more like knowing each other and just refreshing the times of your early relationship phase, where you were just trying to know each other. Steam up some coffee while you continue with the round of questions and answers. The questions can be related to anything, but if they refer to your lives and relationships, the game will be more interesting and effective. For example questions like, ' when do you like me the most', 'what is my favorite color/food/ movie', 'what do you like most about me', 'when is our anniversary', 'what is my biggest fear' and so on. This will help you open up your mind to your partner. It will also help you listen to each others views and refresh some good memories, that will strengthen your current relationship.
These were few examples for communication games for couples. You can add more to the list as you get familiar with the purpose of these games. If you have been ignorant about communicating with your partner, this is the right time and right move to start. Most of us will be hesitant and feel awkward doing silly things like games. But life's riches treasures are, in the small giggles and warm hugs that accompany the moments of happiness. So get started today, for a happy and long living relationship with understanding and communication.
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