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How to Arrange a Candle Light Dinner at Home

How to Arrange a Candle Light Dinner at Home for a Surprise Date

How to arrange a candle light dinner at home? Read on to know how to plan and organize a memorable, romantic meal for your partner...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
These days, most of us are so busy juggling various personal and professional commitments, that we hardly get any time for our partners! This is especially true for married couples, once they have kids. Due to lack of time, romance goes right out of the window, creating all kinds of marital problems. That's why, to prolong the marital bliss and to keep the romance alive, couples should make each other feel special and cared for. One of the ways to do so is by arranging a candle light dinner for your partner.
Tips for Arranging a Candle Light Dinner
The Two of You...
Before organizing a romantic dinner at home, see to it that on the day you are planning it, both of you are alone and sans any kind of personal or professional commitments. If you have children, ask one of your friends to look after them for the evening so that you two can be alone in the house. You can even arrange for a babysitter to do the job. If you or your husband work long hours on some days, plan the dinner on a weekend, so that you can be sure that none of you would have to cancel it at the last moment, because of work commitments.
Surprise and Mystery...
The venue for the dinner can be your dining room, porch or your garden. Whatever you choose, decorate it in some unique way, so that it gets a completely different look all together. Keep it a surprise and do not tell your partner about it. If you can somehow pull this off, the smile on your partner's face when he sees all the "arrangements" that you have made for him, will be priceless!
Foodie Delights...
Keep the menu simple and preferably, include all the dishes that your partner is fond of. Cook the food yourself. If you are not really known for your cooking skills, search the Internet for cooking basics and recipes and try them out before the actual D day. However, if you want to add to the surprise, order a completely different cuisine and dishes, something that both of you have never ever tried! Trying different things together is a good way to bond too! Lastly, do not forget chocolate, cheese and wine! They are known to possess aphrodisiac properties and thus, will add on to the romance and feel of the evening!
Adding a Dash of Romance...
Pay special attention to the décor! One look at the table setting and the room, and your spouse should be thinking of love, romance, food and sex, in no particular order! So, light a few scented candles all around the room. Keep the room lights dim, so that the candles can add their own mystery to the surroundings. You can even put on strings of light in the room, which you use during festivities. Make heart shapes with them on the walls or use them in some wacky way, to add a bit of humor to the evening!
As it's a special dinner, the table setting should be formal, with everything right from tablecloth, dinnerware, cloth napkins, cutlery, crystal glasses, etc. in place. Make a beautiful centerpiece for the table, to add on to the table decorations. Keep it low in height though, as you do not want to end up looking into your partner's eyes, through a bouquet of flowers! For making the centerpiece, an interesting idea is to keep a flat bowl, fill it with water and place some colored floating candles in it. Sprinkle some rose petals on the water too, to complete the look. Light the floating candles as soon as you begin having your food!
Some Entertainment...
Play some soft music in the background. Make sure that all other gadgets, such as television or computer, are switched off. Keep the music at low volume, so that it does not distract. If you two like to listen to love songs, get a CD burned with the same and play them. You can even slow dance to these numbers, post the dinner! Arrange for some romantic movies too. End the evening watching a romantic movie and kissing one another, in the midst of some cuddly hugs and snuggles!
Here's hoping that with these tips you should be able to plan a very pleasant surprise for your partner. In the end, all I can say is that this dinner is actually not all about food and décor, it is about you, the way you look and treat your partner. So, dress up sexily and smartly, be soft spoken and loving and spend the evening in each other's company, making some romantic memories together!
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