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Cool Nicknames for Guys
When it comes to nicknames for guys, it basically serves two purposes. First, you can use it to discuss a particular someone with your girlfriends without disclosing his identity to the world. And second, it's a wonderful way to express endearment.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
It is just hard to imagine life these days without a nickname. Even if someone doesn't have it, friends and peers often stick a nickname looking at some unique or physical characteristics.

It isn't that difficult to choose a nickname, but there is surely a shortage of good ones. Most of the popular ones are already taken, and you are always on a lookout for some creative options.
Cartoon illustration of businessman with the falling notes. Vect
~ Sweety Pie
~ Lover
~ Honey Bun
~ Pumpkin
~ Chucky
~ Baby
~ My World
~ Angel
~ Beloved
~ Heart's Desire
~ Deary
Afraid of ghost
~ Dear One
~ True Love
~ My Chocolate
~ Prince Charming
~ White Knight
~ Jewel
~ The Rolling Thunder
~ Lamb
~ Boom Boom
~ Light of my Life
~ Diesel
Mid Adults at the Party, Illustrative Technique
~ Mr. Fragrancy
~ Mr. Night Rider
~ Wonderful
~ Ultimate Warrior
~ Dumpling
~ Little Darling
~ My Soldier
~ My Hero
~ The Man
~ Number One
~ One and Only
~ My Everything
Gangster with a gun
~ McDreamy
~ Little Angel
~ My Shining Penny
~ Cherub
~ Chief
~ Tweeter
~ Valentine
~ Man of My Dreams
~ Sugar Daddy
~ Gladiator
~ The King
Humble boy and the two sexy girls walking
~ Hunk
~ AK47
~ Dream Guy
~ Smoochy
~ Squeezy
~ Dream Boat
~ Baby Cake
~ Lovebird
~ Love Machine
~ Honey Bunny
~ My Protector
Men's fashion montage
~ Hot Stuff
~ Romeo
~ Shnookums
~ Hottie
~ The Game
~ Torero (Bull fighter)
~ Swagger
~ The Phenom
~ Dodge
~ Mi Amor (My Love)
~ Mr. Charisma
Man Wine
~ Duke
~ Big Mike
~ The Great One
~ Mr. Sweetness
~ Hitman
~ Commando
~ Scarface
~ Godfather
~ Moneybags
~ Thriller
~ Dirty Harry
Boxing cartoon
~ Captain Bomb
~ Hot Lips
~ Smooth Criminal
~ Baby Face
~ Icy Eyes
~ Mi Vee-dah (My Life)
~ Mi Carino (My Darling)
~ Mi Marido (My Husband)
~ Mi Pasion (My Passion)
~ Mi Salvador (My Savior)
The search for good nicknames doesn't end here, I'm sure there are infinite creative nicknames that you guys can come up with.