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Cute Pickup Lines for Girls

Cute Pickup Lines for Girls: Sweep the Guy Off His Feet!

Guys are not the only ones who are on the lookout for pickup lines. Girls too use them to flirt with guys that they like. Keeping that in mind, this LoveBondings article elucidates some phrases and lines girls can use to break the ice with the guys they like.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Is it cool if I hold your hand
Girls today have a social life which is more active than guys. In this modern world a woman is as equal as a man in everything which includes flirting and taking the first step when it comes to solidifying a relationship. Girls who have an active social life meet good-looking guys everywhere they go.
Carefree time
You are obviously going to fall for him and if he noticed you, he might probably not make the first move. So if you see a good-looking guy and you know that he's acting shy, then you probably might use some cute pickup lines which might help you score a handsome date.
Cute Pickup Lines for Girls to Use on Guys
May be you're not the hottest looking girl in the party today but with the help of these pickup lines that work, you are going to get what you want. I am a guy and we love girls who are spontaneous and go-getters. So go get the man you've eyed the whole evening.
  • With my luck, you're probably here with someone.
  • I really like your tanned body.
  • Your shoe is untied. Can I tie it for you?
  • You're someone I could really blog about!
  • You must be a prizefighter. One look at you, and I'm knocked out.
  • Just because computers are incompatible doesn't mean we are.
  • Do you mind if I stare at you up close instead of from across the room?
  • Were we lovers in a past life?
  • Hi! Are you here to meet a nice woman? Or will I do?
  • I memorized every number in the phone book, but managed to lose yours. I'm gonna need to get that.
  • Say...didn't we go to different schools at the same time?
  • A man on a date wonders if he'll get lucky. I guess you already know.
  • Are you the man from my future?
  • Do you like to cuddle?
  • Do you have a quarter? I want to call your parents and thank them.
  • Baby, you're sexier than socks on a rooster.
  • Donna Summer wrote a song about you - "Hot Stuff."
  • O.K. you can kiss me later, but don't tell anybody.
Funny Pickup Lines
  • I've heard sex is a killer. Want to die happy?
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
  • You know what would look great on you? Me.
  • Excuse me, but I'm new in town, can I have directions to your place?
  • I wish I were a tear so I could start in your eyes, live on your face, and die on your lips.
  • Am I cute enough yet? Or do you need more to drink?
  • Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  • Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.
  • I have Skittles in my mouth, wanna taste the rainbow?
  • That's a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?
  • You might as well sleep with me because I'm going to tell everyone we did anyway!
  • If I told you, you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
  • If you were Sprite, I'd obey my thirst!
  • Do you like bananas or blueberries? Why? I wanna know what kind of pancakes to make in the morning.
  • If I followed you home, would you keep me?
  • Can I even get a fake number?
  • You'll Do.
Miscellaneous Lines Girls Can Use
  • You're just the way I like my coffee. Tall, black, and strong.
  • Do you have a Band-Aid? I skinned my knee when I fell for you.
  • Do these look real?
  • You've been a bad boy! Now go to MY room!
  • Want to play fireman? We can stop, drop and roll.
  • Can I have a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?
  • Want to take a swim in my ocean?
  • If I could have you in bed, I wouldn't need the cover to keep warm.
  • Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.
  • You are the hottest thing since sunburn.
  • You know, sweetie, my lips won't just kiss themselves...
  • I may not be Wilma, but I can sure make your bedrock.
  • I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me?
Using pickup lines that work ensures that you create a good first impression in front of your handsome knight. So start using these lines to get yourself a date.