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Does He Like Me, You Ask? These Signs Will Tell if He Really Does

Does He Like Me - Signs
Is your guy giving you mixed signals when it comes to professing his love for you? Or is it just that you are not able to decipher his signals? Well, whatever it may be, you must be aware of how to decipher the obvious and some not so obvious 'does he like me signs'.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Men are just as perplexing as women, if not more. There is no point denying that all men behave weird during early stages of a relationship. Some guys may suddenly become shy and incapable of expressing their feelings, while there is this other lot, that follows you wherever you go, like an overtly pompous show dog! No matter what category your guy falls in, there are definitely some sure shot signs that will help you to know if he likes you or not. So, instead of scratching your brains and trying to figure out the mystical ways of your man, read further to know what those mixed signals mean!
Decoding the Mystical Signs
Okay, so you have fallen heads over heels in love with this amazingly cute guy, but don't know what to do next, because your guy just refuses to look into your eyes and profess his undying love for you! Have patience girl, guys have their own ways of coming to terms with a potential new relationship. They are more scared of rejection than you are, so before you come to any conclusion just know these subtle signs which will reveal the intentions of your love interest.
Body Language
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Body language is the best means of expressing one's very true emotions. Your words may be deceptive but your body can never lie about what you truly mean. So, here goes your first green signal, does your guy often stare at you? (I trust you to differentiate between those lusty stares and a cute loving stare!) If yes, you definitely have a bright chance with this guy. Next, just count the number of times your crush smiles at you, reason or no reason. If you think that your guy is smiling more than what is normal, you sure have a reason to smile. Also, check whether this guy finds excuses to talk to you or looks at your face absentmindedly, when you talk. A positive answer to both these questions indicates that your guy is definitely interested in you.
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Okay, so now that you have successfully interpreted the body language of your man, here is time to explore his mind and look out for subtle hints through his conversation. (I presume you have passed that lovey-dovey state of catching each other's stares and then surreptitiously looking away!) I would like you to take this small quiz and find for yourself the answer to the ultimate question, 'does he like me or not?'

» Does your guy often initiate the conversation?
» Do you notice a special effort on his part to make you laugh or happy?
» Does he drop hints about what he is up to on weekend?
» Does he say something that sets your heart racing?
» Does he discuss his personal interests with you?
» Does he mention his family or indirectly invites you home?

If your answer to most questions is 'yes', you sure have a great chance and perhaps a prospect for a long time relationship.
Tell-Tale Signs That He's Into You
The above tips are helpful if you are eying a stranger or an acquaintance. But, what if you like a guy who you are friends with? How do you know if his feelings for you are 'friendly' or there is more to it? This can be one tricky situation that may lead to emotional mess if not handled properly. Fortunately, there are still some sure shot signs that will let you know if he thinks of you as a friend or someone special.
He Tries to Set Himself Apart
Yes, this can be one concrete sign of a potential relationship. He may find ways to differentiate himself from your herd of friends. For instance, if rest of your friends compliment you for your looks, he may never do that, instead he will find ways to appreciate your intelligence or creativity or something else.
He Starts Taking Interest in Your Hobbies
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If you know that your friend is not someone to attend a musical concert, yet suddenly he procures tickets for the concert which you so badly wanted to attend, then be assured that he is only doing it to woo you. If you think that your friend has developed an interest in activities that you fancy, then his newfound interest can indeed be attributed to his special feelings for you.
He Finds Ways to Spend Time with You Alone
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If your other friends are planning a trip or an outing, then he may try to excuse himself if he learns that you wouldn't be able to make it. He may then come up with another plan which includes just two of you. A possible sign that he yearns for your company.
He Touches You in a Non-Sexual Way
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I bet you can distinguish between friendly touch, sexual touch and the cute 'i-am-more-than-a-friend' touch. If your guy finds excuses to touch you in a very non-sexual way, then you can be sure that he is totally into you. He may brush a leaf off your hair, or tuck your hair behind your ear or gently pull you beside him while crossing road or on a crowded street.
He Becomes Protective Towards You
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He may get worked up if you are upset or exhibit anger if someone mistreats you. He makes sure that he is around to help you in your difficult times. If he does show a protective behavior towards you, then you sure have a reason to smile. The only twist here is that make sure his feeling are not 'brotherly'!
Lastly, you have to trust your instincts. Nothing can beat your gut feeling when it comes down to predicting something. Even in the matters of heart, it's your gut feeling that will help you sail through. Women are blessed with this unusual power of knowing when to pursue and when to let go. Thus, you yourself will know if it is there or not. If your guy really likes you, then the signs are difficult to miss. Therefore, follow your instincts and act accordingly.

You'll never come out of the dilemma, unless you open your eyes and vigilantly look out for the many obvious and hidden signs around.