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Flirting Tips for Shy Girls

Flirting Tips for Shy Girls: It's Time to Be Bold and Beautiful

Flirting tips for shy girls will teach you a few important lessons in life, that no textbook will teach. These expert tips have been concluded after a thorough research done in great detail. So, fall in girls, and take a few notes to get the guy of your dreams!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Single women, pay attention! Single is fun, but to mingle is a greater fun. It's time to be the bold and beautiful. Bashful babes, come out of your shell, as your cloud has a silver lining today. Meeting a tall, dark (or fair), and a handsome guy at a coffee shop, sometimes leaves us completely zapped. We are at a total loss of words. Communication disasters, like stammering and fumbling, come down like an avalanche. The assets become liabilities, and your potential chance walks out on you. However, all that is now going to be changed for the better...
Golden Rules to Flirting
Ruled Out!
The first rule of flirting, is to rule out the myth from your life that you are shy. Being shy never gets you anywhere. Tell yourself, 'I am beautiful', 'I will get what I want', 'I will win him by flirting', and 'I win over my shyness forever'. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat these lines, till the time they become a part of who you are. Work on your confidence and self-esteem, because you are going to need it more than ever.
What You See is What You Get
Honestly, what you see is what you get. Like animals mark their territory, women, it's time you mark yours. This does not mean get possessive. It means, make him acknowledge your presence, more than the other lady lot present at the scene. If you want him, you've got to get him! A little aggression could be seriously useful. However, avoid looking desperate. Play it with subtlety and elegance.
Appreciate Your Assets
These are special flirting tips for shy women. Stop brooding over your age, wrinkles, a pimple, and all those things that you feel make you look terrible. You are what you are and who you are. However, what you can work on is, presenting yourself. A little self-improvement could come in handy here. Deck up a little bit, do up your hair, reassess your wardrobe, and emphasize on the best part of you, to make your appearance striking.
Game Begins
Once you have completely understood the above mentioned lessons, it's time to get the act together. Now that you the required confidence, make a move. Try to get an introduction with him, either by yourself or through a friend, and then the ball will be in your court!
A million dollar smile is your nuclear arsenal. Use it to the fullest potential. To make it look sexy, use a lip gloss that is closer to your skin color, and just bring out the best in you. Smile is the first sign of acceptance. Once you smile at him, trust me, he will smile back. And if this does happen, you will be on the right track.
Conversation Starters
The smiles have been exchanged, so you aren't strangers anymore. Walk up to him and start a conversation. Don't hit the clich├ęs like, 'can I buy you a drink'. Compliment him (smile was the first thing you noticed), tell him that you think you've seen him someplace before (white lies are good for health), or if there's music playing, talk about the music (it's too loud, boring, groovy and so on). Find a common ground to initiate the conversation that will set a momentum to your flirting.
Keep it Going
Keep the conversation going. Know him more and better. Throw in a few romantic lines to add a tinge of fun to the evening. Touch his hand while talking to him, or slap on his arm if he says something silly, wipe the remains of leftovers from the corner of his lips with a napkin, or hold his hand while getting off the bar stool. Whatever it takes, keep it going!
Be Nice
You've done very well so far. As both of you step out of the hangout place, be nice to him. Tell him that you've enjoyed his company, loved his talk, and his silly jokes too. Give a subtle hint that you'd want to see him again, and without seeming too desperate, exchange phone numbers.
Flirting is as simple as that. Follow the lines carefully and importantly read between them, so that you can live boldly, ever after!
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