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Watch Out for These Obvious Signs of an Emotional Affair

Emotional Affair Signs
With hectic lifestyles, it is very important for people to understand the nature of the relationships that surround them. Emotional affair signs can't be ignored or kept secret for long. The best thing is to admit their existence and take appropriate action.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Before understanding the signs of an emotional affair, bear in mind that emotional attachments are inevitable. As such, an emotional affair may be difficult to avoid, as they are difficult to detect in the first place. So, in case you find that you are in an emotional affair, or rather an emotional relationship, then the best thing would be to either curb the signs right away (if that is what circumstances dictate), or take it on and make it real.
A relationship is an affair when either the persons involved in it are not aware of its existence or the people involved do not want anyone else to be aware of it. Emotional affairs are mostly affairs and not relationships, because the ones involved in it are not aware of it. When they do realize its existence, they mostly choose to keep it quiet. It is a fact that all emotional affairs have a major susceptibility to turn into a relationship with the intimacy.
Warning Signs of Emotional Affairs
☞ The first and foremost sign of an emotional relationship is when people find themselves talking to a certain other individual more than they would otherwise.
☞ An emotional affair need not be between two people of opposite sexes. Two best friends of the same sexual orientation can end up being in an emotional affair as well.
☞ One of the major signs is that one finds that he/she daydreams about the emotional partner quite often and thinks about them all the time.
☞ In an emotional affair, when confronted and asked about the partner, they will find themselves replying they are just "good friends".
☞ In an emotional affair one will cherish the alone time that they spent with the partner and will anticipate the time that they will spend together.
silly reasons
☞ One will find silly and cute reasons to give gifts and presents to their partner. A lot of thought will be put into the gift.
☞ One will mostly keep the "friendship" secret from others and will not let people know how often they meet the partner. This is one of the key signs of an emotional affair.
☞ In an emotional affair, one is more honest about feelings to their partner than they would be even to themselves.
spend more time
☞ In an emotional affair one will prefer to be with their emotional partner more than they would want to be with other friends.
☞ In emotional affair case the partner has a date, one will feel a strong pang of jealousy and possessiveness.
Now, the same signs need to be even more observed when the individual in question is married. Let's see these possible emotional cheating signs.
Emotional Cheating in a Marriage
☞ One could be emotionally cheating when one does not show any interest in/intimacy with their spouse. This is probably the first of the warning signs.
intimacy not there any more
☞ When someone is in an emotional affair, they share more about their feelings and emotions with their partner than with their spouse.
☞ In case of emotional cheating one will keep their emotional partner a secret from their spouse. One might even spend long hours in the night talking on the phone with the partner.
feelings are suppressed
☞ One will be more sexually attracted to their partner than their spouse. However, they will try to suppress the sexual attraction.
☞ One will feel emotionally distanced from their spouse when in an emotional relationship.
☞ When in an emotional affair, one will be more concerned about the partner's feelings and emotions than their spouse.
☞ When in an emotional affair, one will avoid talking to or about their spouse in front of their partner.
constant fights
☞ If one is having an emotional affair, they will find problems in their current relationships and will have fights with their spouse very often.
☞ In emotional betrayal, denial about the emotional affair is one of the biggest signs to look out for. The ones involved in the affair will find themselves denying the true nature of the affair.
☞ One will find that when in an emotional affair, they are more inclined to buying romantic gifts for their partner than for their spouse.
An emotional affair need not always be a bad thing. However, if one cannot act on their feelings about the affair and turn the affair into a full-blown relationship, then one should end the affair. More so, when married or in a serious relationship, one should try to communicate with their spouse instead of their "friend".