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Unique Ideas on How to Celebrate Anniversary With Your Boyfriend

How to Celebrate Anniversary with Boyfriend
Tongue-tied over how to celebrate your anniversary with your significant other? Then read the following article to gather some cool ideas to make it a memorable day in your relationship book.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
There's something about an anniversary, isn't it? Today, when you look back to the day you started dating each other, you gleam over the things he didn't do, and shed a tear over the things he did, just to make you happy. You smile reminiscing about the many times he arrived late because he couldn't find a flower shop that had orchids in stock, and chip in a smug-glow for the hours you found him waiting in disgust. The many events that he canceled, and the many surprises that he managed to work out.
All this while, there was one thing that kept both of you going: unconditional love and the courage to hold it till date. Today, after a long time of sticking together, when you have had your share of arguments over the most ridiculous topics, the many romantic dates, and the countless cuddles, it's time to up the celebration ante by making your anniversary a series of memorable moments, shared only between both of you.
Unique Ideas to Make It The Best One
No matter how many Internet web pages you flip over, how many books about men you drop, and how many pieces of advice you take, the mysteries of male mind are too difficult to hound. At times, they might not even pay heed to an occasion like anniversary, and at times, you might realize that they're disappointed for your negligence and lowered enthusiasm. Any which way, it's recommended that you do something yourself, to make him happy. To make him feel loved. Even more. For that, why not try out doing any of the following:
A Suite that Suits You Both
If it's your anniversary, it's certain that you've enjoyed almost everything with him all throughout the year, including trekking, picnics, adrenaline, movies, gaming, and what not! On this special occasion, give a rest to it all. Stock up on dollars and book a hotel room for a day, depending upon the budget you set for yourself. Spend the entire day, basking in the amenities of the hotel, and when you're done with it, grab a bottle of champagne, and go back to your room. Spend some quality time with each other, snuggling in.
Welcome to the Jungle
If you're struggling to figure out how to surprise your boyfriend on this special occasion, then this should be a fantastic idea. Take your car out, pick him up, and don't tell him about the plan. Put your camping shoes on, pile up on some eatables, and put your digicam in your bag. What we're going to do is take both of you on a jungle spree. Google maps will help you to find out the nearest forest area, and you just need to reach there. Inquire with a few people about the jungle, and then go there to spend a day together. Click pics, eat like a caveman, and the bonfire? How can you forget the firework? The anniversary idea is pretty good this way, don't you think?
A Table for Two?
Cliched? Boring? But nothing matches a candle-light dinner on this special eve. You dressed in a cute, little cocktail dress, he dressed in a black suit and tuxedo, the world gaping at both of you, and you? You both aren't done gaping at each other. Now that is one hell of a romantic evening. Go to your favorite restaurant, order a cake, enjoy your favorite cuisine, and bask in the music appeasing your ears. Don't forget to order a bottle of wine though.
On the Rocks at Home
For a stony-broke you, there's a killer romantic gift idea. Forget dressing up for a formal eve. Forget the jungle extravaganza. Let's just don't step out of home. You cook all his favorite food; learn to cook through a recipe book, if you don't know how to cook. Pick up some booze, create a romantic ambiance with the help of dim lights, and a music CD that has his favorite numbers (you could take time to create a CD too), light a few candles, and get going. Everything else will go with the flow. Isn't it too romantic to dance to his tunes?
Your efforts to make him feel proud to have you underline your love for him more than anything else is what that matters. Thus, these are some ideas you could take hint from for celebrating your anniversary with your boyfriend. Planning everything, right from the beginning, has its own perks and benefits; in fact, things become even more exciting when you go with the flow, and dwell in scenarios, not contrived in reality.
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