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Judge the Tone: How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Through Texting

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Through Texting
Are there actually any signs a guy likes you through texting? We bet there are and just too many. Some of the most obvious signs are pitched in here, in this article. Take a look, and then judge if he's really into you or not.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
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Of all the things that the world could come up within the name of scientific know-how, texting is, definitely, the new sliced bread. It's just a few sentences you need to say and appear super-witty in front of the receiver, even when you've edited the text twenty times. Now, how cool is that? We are all for the coolness of this modern technology that gives us the ability to plan what we say, and come out looking super smart with our word play.
But then, no matter how easy it has become to communicate through texting, you really cannot determine the feelings behind a two-sentence message, or can you? Figuring out the how's and why's of a man's mind-set, and that too on text? Now, that certainly is a tough one, for it is we, women, who're too fond of chattering, carrying conversations forward, and are comparatively more vocal and expressive.
Our gestures may easily explain what's on our mind, but men? Men are wired to speak in a way that masquerades the way they actually feel. Really, if that be the case, how can you tell if he likes you, and that too, just by his way of texting you? Every man, no matter how shy and recluse he is, does show some signs that he likes you. Texting is one of the easiest mediums to figure it out. Don't believe us? Check out the following signs, and find out if he's really into you or not.
This is a bit difficult to figure out for we are more the kind who appreciate direct answers to all questions, for most men are like that. Moreover, we'd always appreciate affection that, even though reaches to us through a text, promises enough attachment. No matter how much you prefer the guy reading between the lines for you, it's too simple to bear one thing in mind, that men ... okay, most men, wouldn't make an effort to understand deeper meanings, hidden messages, unspoken words - it'd be better for them to have a direct approach, and hence, they come up with the words themselves. Your guy, if he really likes you, would prefer carrying the conversation forward, constantly ask you questions about your day, an occasion that you told him about, or about your plans for the next day. Any which way, this is a sure sign which shows you he likes you enough to talk on texts, something that many guys run away from.
You know, many men really wouldn't be interested in knowing about our personal likings, mostly because they fear advancing beyond the usual limits. However, when you see that this guy starts to be a lot more inquisitive than you are for him, you know he wants to go beyond the limits you set. He's inquisitive- he wants to know the kind of music you prefer, places you hang-out in, the kind of friends you have, and if that's not enough, what did you eat for lunch! And if his likings are similar to yours, or so he claims, congratulations! He likes you.
How do you like it when he texts you, 'how are you today', 'hey, ssup?', or 'what are you up to', at anytime of the day? He's the first person who wishes you Good Morning through a morning text, or wishes you a good night before you hit the bed. If that be the case, you know he wants to keep talking to you, without being too pushy. You know, many men really wouldn't get the fuss about texting all day on silly topics. However, if your guy sends you usual messages, funny forwards, or even a blank message (it's not always by mistake), it's clear that he wants to stay in touch with you throughout the day.
For the most part, you just don't get men at all. But, if he takes out time to talk about things you like, may be makes an effort to keep texting you all the while you're traveling, just so that you don't get bored, you know these are fair reasons to be optimistic. Moreover, if he texts you that he's there, every time you long for someone to talk to, or if he does something you like which he wouldn't be caught dead doing, and tells you all about it in a text, you know these are the very signs that mean he likes you, and wants to be there for you, wherever you are, even if it's only texting that he can bring into use.
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