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How to Get a Boyfriend

Aastha Dogra Mar 2, 2019
All your friends are dating and you want to date someone, too, right? Find yourself a boyfriend by following these simple tips.
Here are a few suggestions that might help you find the right guy and make him your boyfriend. The key is to be subtle in your actions. Wear the right clothes, emanate self-confidence, and be graceful. Choose a guy whom you can trust and confide in. Plus, you need to be patient while trying to find one.

Know Your Preferences

Figuring out your preferences is the first thing you should do, while choosing a guy. Is it his looks that attract you to him or is it his sense of humor? Do you like those who are popular in school or do shy ones intrigue you more? Once you are aware of the things that attract you to a guy, it will be easier to narrow down your options.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Now that you know there is a particular guy in your school or college who matches the guy of your dreams, make an effort to get noticed by him.
The best way to do this is by making an impression on him, once he sets his eyes on you. So, tip number 2 is to dress well. Flaunt yourself in dresses that suit your body type. You could take the help of your elder sister, friends, or even your mother. Choose colors that enhance your skin tone.
Dressing up stylishly will not only make you feel good about yourself and pump your confidence, but will help you grab the guy's attention, as well. Remember to dress comfortably and decently. Wearing clothes that will display your obvious discomfort in them can be a major turn-off for a guy.

Be Friends with the Guy

Try to become friends with the guy you like. You can start by being friendly with his friends.
See if you have any mutual friends, if yes, drop hints or tell them casually about your interest in him. Remember, don't chase the guy persistently or you'll end up freaking him out. If the guy is a member of a club at school or college, join that club.

Wait for Him to Ask You Out

Once you are friends and pretty comfortable with one another, the obvious thing to do, is flirt. Do things that will totally confuse him, such as being over-friendly at times and then totally aloof, otherwise. If the mutual friends have already told him about you liking him, such erratic behavior will surely confuse him.
Sometimes, tell him subtly that you like him, but do not ask him out to his face. Start maintaining contact with him through emails, and once in a while, chat with him over the phone. If the guy likes you or is attracted to you, he will surely ask you out.
Apart from this, remember to live each day to the fullest with or without a boyfriend. Do things that make you happy and the rest will fall into place.