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How to Get a Guy to Like You

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 1, 2018
Can't get the man of your dreams to like you? Set the butterflies in your stomach free, and read on to get a guy interested in you
OK! Single woman pay attention. He is your Prince Charming and you are the poor Cinderella. Sadly, the fairytale is going the other way round and the way it should absolutely not.
Although you want him by hook or crook, all you've done so far is wondered every day and night about how to get a guy to like you. Even the search for the magic potion of love has been in vain. But, now, leave your worries aside because you've hit the right page at last.

Love Yourself

To make him love you, you've first got to love yourself. Stop tormenting yourself, with accusations, 'Oh! I am so fat', 'My hair is too ugly', 'I hate my features' and so on.
If you can't like yourself, why should he? Think about it. You have to accept yourself and be able to respect who you are. This is the only way in which people will start taking you seriously.

Sharpen the Tools

Appearance plays a huge role in deciding the direction of laws of attraction. We are always attracted to beautiful and appealing things in life. So, the guy you are vying for is no different. He too is going to notice you, if you are well dressed.
You may be an intellectual or an excellent person at heart. But lady, if you are unkempt, may God help you. Get yourself a makeover, and you will automatically notice the difference in attitude towards yourself.

Get His Attention

Now comes the most important part of the play. Keep your focus and calculate every step you take, because each one of it has to be towards him.
Find out the common friends, try to make up reasons to talk to him, think of things that can constantly keep you together and, if you can get his number, that would be the icing on the cake. While you are trying to get his attention, see to it that you do it subtly. Keep a low profile yet make a difference. Over-doing things, can also spoil the picture.

Bond Well

After getting his attention, you need to know and bond with him better. Ask questions, find out his likes and dislikes, know his activities, achievements, failures, his pastimes, and more and more about him.
Try to find ways to get closer to him, by being a part of daily activities. Use social networking sites to do your research if needed.


Before you become his buddy and the pal with whom he shares everything, FLIRT! Use all you flirting know-how and tricks to get this man you so desire. Flirting is a shade of romance that looks brighter with your every effort.

Be Yourself

If all the aforementioned efforts have worked in your favor so far, it is time you let him know who you really are. Avoid pretending something you are not. Instead, make a few amends that will help the two of you get closer emotionally. Making adjustments is the only way of building a bond for better.
Hope this information has answered your question satisfactorily. Along with keeping in mind these tips on how to get a guy to like you, remember to always be your true self.