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How to Know if It's Love or Infatuation: Take the Quiz

How to Know if It's Love or Infatuation: Take the Quiz

Ah! The age-old question that begs to be answered seems to be bugging you. Hope comes in the form of this LoveBondings post; we've got a infatuation vs love test that is sure to lead you out of your confused state of mind.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018
"The very essence of romance is uncertainty."
― Oscar Wilde
Love, that bats**t crazy emotion which has the potential to mess up the most brilliant of brains. Scientists are swift to tell us that it's nothing more than a chemical reaction. But only those struck with Cupid's arrow can vouch for the fact that it feels more like a nuclear reaction.

Love clouds our capacity to think logically. It renders us delusional. It also makes us make a complete public mockery of our own self. And yet, given a choice, we'd gladly fall in love every, single time. Everything goes in the name of love, but does this also apply in the event of an infatuation? Certainly not, because infatuation simply happens to be a poor, lame cousin of love, unworthy of our retarded state of mind.

So if you're feeling confused, and the difference between love and infatuation seems blurred, here's an interesting test to take. If honestly answered, it will surely lead you to your designated path of doom.
Infatuation Vs. Love: Quiz
1. Okay, firstly, is he/she real?

  • A. What kind of a question is that?
  • B. Excuse me, but fictional characters are real too.

2. Have you introduced him/her to your friends?

  • A. Already.
  • B. I'll get to it. Eventually.

3. Do you get a tingling feeling in the tummy when you see him/her?

  • A. Used to. Still do, but then I go to the loo.
  • B. It's like a butterfly nest in my tummy alright.

4. Also, is this followed by an inadvertent, creepy smile on your lips?

  • A. Inadvertent smile, yes. But it's not creepy.
  • B. Hee hee hee, how did you know?

5. Are the two of you dating?

  • A. Yes, we just started going out.
  • B. Keep your nose out of my business, you!

6. How do you react when someone points out his/her lesser qualities?

  • A. Try to defend them as much as possible.
  • B. No one faults perfection.

7. What's his/her best quality according to you?

  • A. Sense of humor.
  • B. Those cute dimples.

8. S/he treats me like...

  • A. a true friend.
  • B. a Facebook friend.

9. You hate it when...

  • A. s/he's late for a date.
  • B. s/he's talking to a member of the opposite sex.

10. On his/her birthday, you...

  • A. plan a nice evening together.
  • B. appear on his/her doorstep, gift-wrapped.

11. Life without him/her...

  • A. will be lonely and miserable.
  • B. is beyond my imagination at the moment.

12. Your free time is spent...

  • A. doing whatever I like.
  • B. thinking of him/her.

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