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How to Know If Someone Likes You

How to Know if Someone Likes You? These are the Telltale Signs!

There could be many different ways to know if someone likes you. It all depends upon the person and upon the opportunity that one gets to show one's likeness towards you. Noticing the signs can be very irritating, but if you take it as an everyday game, it can be interesting and fun. Read on to know how!
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Ever since we came to our senses, we have come across different kinds of people in our lives. Having the experience of meeting so many people, and knowing how people behave 'casually' with us, as in case of friendship; it's not difficult to figure out if 'someone' is acting strangely nice to you! :) The confusing part is that everyone has different personalities and it's difficult to make out if someone is genuinely 'interested' in you, OR is just being sweet because that's how their personality is!
Trust me, knowing how to know if someone likes you can be like solving a puzzle that comes in front of you everyday, leaving you baffled! God created Adam and Eve to stay together but gave them way opposite natures. So, there are ways to identify if a girl likes you, which are different than the ways to tell if a guy likes you. Let's discuss them one by one.
How will You Know if a GIRL Likes You
Girls are supposed to be this shy gender who will always give out signs but would always want the guy to take the first step. They would tempt (OK! by tempt I mean giving signs!!!) the guy in each and every possible way to make him fall for her and confess that he likes her, but NEVER take the first step. (There are exceptions to this, but VERY FEW!!)
Here is what a girl would do if she likes you:
  • Whenever you look at her she will either look down or away, and if she doesn't do that, she will smile back at you with her cheeks going red and glitter in her eyes.
  • She will always try to walk through the place where you sit. For example, at work, try to notice whether she always crosses your work desk way too much within a short span of time. I am sure you will be able to make out if you see her passing through way too often!
  • She will always seek your assistance, even in small matters and ask for your help.
  • She will always compliment you for every little thing that you do for her, or may be when you don't!
  • She will speak about her personal life and discuss her personal problems with you to check how you respond. This is one way of knowing whether you care about her or not. She will also be asking you questions about your family and personal life. She would want to know your opinion about relationships and so on.
  • She will remember each and every little thing about you, or about both of you. For example, if you have happened to mention your birthday, or your pet's name just once to her, and that too ages ago, you will not have to refresh her memory, she will remember each and everything!
  • She will make sure to wish you at all occasions. Be it good morning, goodnight, all the best, take care, have a nice day, weekend..., the list can be endless. (Girls just happen to be too damn caring!)
  • She will try to be close to you in a group if you happen to go out on a group outing or something, and definitely make sure no other girl sticks to you! And if there is any such girl, she will add to her hate list and she'll try to put her down all the time. (Personally, I feel it's not a nice thing to do but love makes you go crazy, right?)
  • If you fail to reply to her messages or answer her calls, she will try to show as if she doesn't care but taunt you all the time for this!
  • If there ever happens to be an argument wherein she needs choose you or the other party, she will always take your side. (Continue to pray that she does that once you guys are together! There will be no arguments ever! He he!)
  • She will constantly remind you about things mentioned in your 'things to-do list', to make sure that you don't forget. This she will do, even without you asking to remind her!
  • If you happen to ask her whether she likes someone, there will be a BIG smile on her face! Then she will end up asking you the same thing, and if you end up saying YES and mention anyone else but NOT her, the smile with vanish like it never existed!
  • She will try to make passes at you, like, touching your shoulder/arms while talking to you. She will touch your hair and show as if there's something stuck there and all.
  • While she talks to you, she will flip her hair. She will also ask you very often as to how she looks, whether a particular thing suits her or not, and things like that.
  • She talks about you all the time. Check with her close friends and if that's true, you are all over her mind.
So, if the girl in question does all, or a few things mentioned above, there are high chances that she is into you and likes you a lot. Make sure that she does a majority of the aforementioned stuff because then you wouldn't wanna face a situation wherein you end up asking her directly and then she gives the standard answer "I just think of you as a friend"!! So be sure. Now let's move on to guys!
How Will You Know if a GUY Likes You
In case of guys, it is not as complicated as in case of girls. It's comparatively easy to tell if a guy likes you. Guys like being sweet to girls all the time, unless they are not the shy types. So, if the guy in question is generally sweet to other girls but extra sweet to you, ahem ahem, there should be something cooking in his mind! Here are the points that will help you differentiate between the general sweet he is to all, and the extra sweet he is to you! :)
  • Eye contact is the first and foremost thing that alarms you about whether a person, be it a girl or a guy, likes you or not. It's not about the look, it's about the way he looks. If he genuinely likes you, he will constantly make eye contact, be it when you are talking to each other or when he adores you from far. Just check on his body language and you would know.
  • He will try to be around you all the time, talking to you generally, avoiding other things, talk to you about what you did, your likes, your dislikes. In fact, he will also listen to you, even if what you are talking makes no sense at all!
  • He will try to make you laugh all the time by cracking funny jokes or conversations. At times he might imitate you in such a way that you end up hitting him and laughing at the same time.
  • If you are in a group and not near him, he will be looking at you even when he is among his friends. He will make sure you never go out of his sight, and if you manage to, you are all his eyes will be searching for.
  • You will find him all around you, even when he isn't physically there, he will show his presence in the form of texts, emails, social networking sites, unnecessary gifts may be! You never know!
  • He will start being very protective towards you, as in, make sure that no 'other guy' bothers you, or that you are not alone when it's too late in the night. For example, if you are working till late night, he'll insist to drop you home. If someone ends up arguing with you, he will come to your defense and so on.
  • He will keep a track of your schedule and bump into you almost every time and name it as 'coincidence'. (ya, right!!) He will also ask you of your plans for the evening or weekend and then come up with an idea or a plan so that he gets to spend some more time with you. If you happened to mention a movie you are waiting to release, he would just ask you to go with him as soon as it releases.
  • Notice the way he talks to others and you will clearly know how different he sounds when he talks to you! His voice goes all soft and gentle. You can feel the warmth when he talks to you and that's a clear indication that he likes you.
  • He would get all UNCOMFORTABLE and restless when he sees you talking to other guys in a friendly manner. It's a sight worth watching because he doesn't have the heart to see you with others, but doesn't even has the right to take you away from them! And once he gets the chance to come and talk to you, he will try to know what you were talking about with those guys and how he finds them to be weird and all.
  • He will find reasons to talk to you and call you many times a day. If he calls you to ask you something that makes no sense, get the clue, he wants to talk to you without any reason!
  • He would cancel on his plans or may be on his friends, just to spend time with you.
  • He suddenly developed an interest in your hobbies, your likings, your friends! Don't you think that's kinda weird?
So, guys and girls! If someone in your world is doing all this for you, then, instead of getting confused and annoyed, ask the person clearly. Because if these signs are happening, then it should be clear if someone likes you as a friend, or otherwise. And if you are interested too, there is no point to linger on the game, is it?
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