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How to Win Over a Guy: Relationship Advice and Tips You Must Read

How to Win Over a Guy
Understanding what makes a man tick and what does not will help you win him over. Well, there are no set rules for love and attraction, and we cannot decide or control other's feelings. But, wait, you can definitely make sure that you play the cards right, and do not bungle.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
When love is not madness, it is not love.
- Pedro Calderon de la Barca
You get butterflies in your stomach even at the sight of him. You dream every night about him going down on bended knee, asking you to be his princess. But, the reality troubles you when you wake up. He does not seem to have even noticed you, how will you make him fall in love with you.

Here is relationship advice for women and tips for winning over a guy.
How to Win a Guy's Heart
Make Him Notice You
Before letting the ball roll, let us get down to the basics. Is he single? If he has a girlfriend, it is unfair to be the cause for someone's heartbreak, so forget it. If not, then has he even noticed you? If he is a guy you know, then initiate a conversation with a simple 'Hi, hello, bye', etc. If he responds, he has noticed you and there are possibilities of getting him. If he is a stranger, then smile at him if you are interested. Smiling is one of the surest way of letting your message pass
Ditch being reserved, shy, or hanging out frequently with a large group of friends. Be open enough so as to make the guy approach you. Once the man gets the hint that you are interested, he will not hesitate to make the first move.

Quick Tip: If you want to attract a guy who is fun, friendly, exciting, and happy, make sure you yourself are like that.
Embrace Your Femininity
Embrace Your Femininity
You need to look good, unique, and attractive to catch the guy's eye. When in company, dress attractively, but, properly. Avoid flashy clothes, because the last thing you want is the man to consider you being easily available. Embrace your femininity and dress in such a way that you stand out in a crowd, and the guy has eyes only for you.

Quick Tip: Red and black are the two quick attention-seeking colors. Try those, or find the one that suits you the best.
make the first move
Make the First Move
Now that you have made sure that he has noticed you, see that your paths cross. Try casual texting or conversing on random topics, once in a while. Avoid frequent calling, texting, or keeping a check on him. Guys tend to run away from girls who tend to cling. Secondly, you may have known the age-old dating rule to ignore the guy once he has noticed you. On the contrary, avoid confusing him or he will be gone forever.
Be mysterious, play the game slowly to attract him and keep him interested. If you are shy to make the first move, drop very obvious hints like creating a playlist of his favorite songs (if he is into music), or baking for him (if he is a gourmet), and so on.

Quick Tip: You need to achieve the perfect balance between being sweet, friendly, and being mysterious, with the right attitude.
love yourself
Be Yourself and Love Yourself
The surest way to make a guy fall for you, is to be yourself, and not make any pretenses. Do not portray yourself as being simple and homely when actually you are outgoing. Just be yourself and the guy will respect and admire you for not being pretentious. Do not lie to him or exaggerate to win his approval. If he is right for you, you will surely have him.

Quick Tip: Try to let go of your negative traits, be more confident, and cheerful.
be his friend
Be His Friend
Being friends will help you get to know each other well. Guys like girls who are cool, sporting, with a great sense of humor. Be great to his friends, try to understand and like his hobbies and interests. It will also help to be attentive to him, appreciate, and flatter him (do not exaggerate!). But, do this keeping your sense of self intact.

Quick Tip: Have varied interests, hobbies, and a colorful life. Guys like girls who are smart, friendly, and easy to talk to or get along with.
There are mixed views about you directly expressing your feelings, in case the man does not take the first step. Be comfortable with him, and utterly sure that he likes you, and is interested in you. Avoid gushing out your feelings without any thought.
Tips to Win Over Your Ex-Boyfriend
If you have had him, lost him, and wish to have him back again, do not worry, there are ways to win back your ex-boyfriend. Now, this is possible if you have mutually broken up or are on amiable terms. It will also be helpful if you ponder on your behavior and your faults that resulted in the relationship breakup. Before proceeding, find answers to these questions:
* Why did you break up?
* Do you really love him?
* Does he still like you?
* Does he have a girlfriend?

➡ 1
The first thing to do is to contact him again and initiate a conversation. It may not be easy, but definitely easier than making friends with a stranger. Have a casual and cool approach, and keep sentimentality at bay.

➡ 2
In order to win back your ex, you need to appear more confident, dress to kill, and show him what he has lost. Do not be sentimental, or constantly remind him of the wrong he has done to you. Being fun will attract him to you more than your tearful declarations.

➡ 3
You can plan meeting up casually for coffee. Show interest in things he likes to do, you can even participate in a few, if possible. You can talk about the beautiful and fun times you both spent together. Be very careful not to restart the blame game!

➡ 4
Do not show that you desperately want him back, just keep your cool. Drop hints about your intentions, be mysterious, and play smart. Remember not to push too hard as it may confuse him. This may be a little tricky, but it is a sure way to win your guy back.
Some Quick Tips
❤ Be friendly and helpful to him, without being despairing. Try to hold his gaze and also smile when he looks at you.

❤ Do not stare at him or he may think you are creepy and avoid you completely. Do not focus too much of your attention on him when in a group.

❤ Play hard-to-get, but at the same time let him know that you are available. Ignoring him completely, playing mind games, etc., is a total no-no.

❤ See if he gets jealous when you flirt with other guys. If he does, he is interested. If his shyness prevents him from expressing his feelings, wait for some time for him to feel comfortable.

❤ On the contrary, do not misinterpret kind or helpful nature with being interested. The guy may consider you just a friend and be good to you, without thinking otherwise.
Reading a man's body language is very important to find out whether the guy's interested or not. Although these tricks will help you win him, remember love and understanding are required to sustain a healthy relationship. Do not look obsessive and desperate. Follow these tips and look forward to a great relationship. Good luck!