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Is He Attracted to Me?

Is He Attracted to Me?

I hate this question, for it plagues the fairer sex, irrespective of age, and has no perfect answer to it. So if you are also wondering whether he is attracted to you, this article is for you. I have tried to give a general guideline of signs to answer your question.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
So you want to know - if he is attracted to you, right? You should know, girl! You are the one with the emotions, sensitivity and intuition, that should make you be able to tell, if he is attracted to you. You can't, only because you're too involved. It is always easy to look in from the outside and deliver a judgment. But when you're on the inside, it is always difficult to see other colors, through the rose-tinted glasses. So, if you are wondering 'how to tell if a guy is attracted to you', detach yourself for a while and take a flashback to all the situations, where you can highlight some of the signs given below. If you find most of them there, congratulate yourself, for he is indeed attracted to you.

Signs That He is Attracted to Me

Check out the criteria given below and tick mark the ones that you notice in your guy. If you have some but not the other, know that you are getting there. Work harder at it and maybe you'll even get your guy to commit some day. Just remember not to be hasty. If you have none of these in your guy, maybe your relationship lacks substance. Sort out your problems and move on to another. If your guy shows most or all the following, you have landed the big fish. Just have the aquarium ready.

Check the Behavioral Patterns
If he is indeed attracted to you, he will show some obvious behavioral patterns. He will be calling you at odd hours, paying you a lot of attention, dishing out compliments and taking you places. Yup, this is the fun phase. He will constantly want to hold your hand, kiss you and touch you. Men in the 'attraction' phase are rarely worried about PDA (Public Display of Affection), so if you are, be ready for an uncomfortable ride. If you too are 'show off your man' type, you'll be having the time of your life.

Check the Body Language
One can lie all he likes, but his body language will always give him away. If you find that his upper torso is always leaning towards you, his feet are pointing at you and he, often unknowingly, mimics your movements, you've landed him in your kitty. There are several cues that you can pick up from his body language, you just need to learn the knack of subtle observation. If he stands right next to you in public, he's become territorial. That is a good sign, for he's staking claim over you, proving his growing attraction.

Check for the Un-Male-Like Behavior
  • If he is attracted to you, you will definitely be seeing more of him. Just like some girls (that's me), he will be showing a slight obsession towards spending every waking moment with you. You like him no? Then take my advice and give your other friends a sabbatical.
  • The male gender is triggered with visual sensory objects. If he digs you, he will ogle you. Don't be offended, learn to distinguish between the glares, the stares and the eye talk, and you'll do just fine. If you catch him staring at you for long periods, it is one of two things. Either he is really attracted to you, or he is prone to daydreaming and your company is so boring that he's entertaining another parallel plane of thoughts.
  • If he is constantly on his best behavior around you, it is not rocket science to know that he likes you enough to try to win you over. But if he invites you over to meet the people closest to him, boy you've really bagged it. Men like to keep their girls a secret till they are ready to commit. If he makes you public, you're there to stay.
  • Go peek in his refrigerator. If it is stocked up with things that you like, you've made it into his private haven. And that is a big deal. Men rarely let their girls invade their privacy. If you're through this barricade, you're in for sure. Please don't go and peek into his refrigerator, every chance you get. If you do it in an obsessive compulsive way, don't blame me if he thinks of you as an out-of-control foodie.
  • While talking to you, 'does he provide minute details about every little thing which you may not have asked for?' If a guy is interested in you, he'll definitely tell you about his accomplishments, his ambition and even things like the last movie he has seen. If this is what you're encountering, it's a sign that he likes you.
  • If he starts with the future talk, he is attracted to you. Males doing future talk, signals that they are looking at the 'settle down' option and they view you as a part of it. Personally, I am yet to encounter this behavior, for with me it is the other way round. It's the girls doing the future talk and the man looking for an escape route. Hold your horses girls, for we are here to gauge if he's attracted to you and not the other way round. We already know you are, or you care enough to read this article.
  • If he constantly wears the t-shirt that you gave him, he cares enough about you, to willingly endure his friends' jokes on how hooked he is. He is trying to make you happy and that should tell you something.
  • If he doesn't flinch when you answer his phone, you've got yourself a rare man who is definitely attracted to you. You answering his phone is a problem for him. It represents closet bones, just waiting to fall out. If he's allowed you to invade his privacy in this manner, he has nothing to hide. He will only go to that stage if he's attracted to you and is playing for keeps.
  • Apart from the ones mentioned above, he will arrive before you at all your dates, he will remember all your girlfriends' names (as opposed to just the hot ones) and he will tell you his best friend's secret. He will pick you up from the city center in peak hour traffic time. He will do fun things with you when all his pals are watching the prime time sports (Weekend afternoons from 1 to 7). What more do you want, it is all a girl could ask for. You have everything you want along with a guy, who is definitely attracted to you. Pinch yourself twice to ensure that you're awake and touch wood for good luck.
  • You can also take help from his best friend, because no one knows him better than his confidant. It's quite possible that he will talk about you with his friends and will also tell them what he thinks about you. Even if he doesn't say things upfront, his friends might observe a sudden change in his behavior whenever you pass by.
Just look for the signs and you will know for yourself. If he is actually attracted to you, your job is not to make him commit. Your job is to not mess it up by being clingy, needy, obsessed and demanding. Take your time, let the relationship mature. Things will all fall into place at the right place and time.
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