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Matrimonial Biodata Sample

So it is your family and friends that are playing matchmakers instead of Cupid, and you need to make a biodata for yourself. It is your first impression on the person who can turn out to be your soulmate. Here is a sample to give you an idea how your matrimonial biodata should be.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: May 6, 2018
Although arranged marriages are mostly seen in South Asian countries, this custom is also gaining momentum in the Indian-American population in America. In an arranged marriage, parents introduce a potential partner to their son/daughter. The two meet and interact with each other, sometimes more than once, and let their respective families know whether they find the other person suitable for marriage. An alliance or marriage is then decided if both families find each other suitable.

In some cases, families sometimes choose a matchmaker to find a suitable partner for their offspring. Today, matrimonial sites also play a huge role in setting up alliances. Whichever way you choose to go, you need a biodata that provides all your information. It includes your vital statistics, family background, hobbies, interests, etc. This is necessary for the prospective partner to get to know you before you decide to meet.

What is a Matrimonial Biodata?

Along with the above mentioned elements, a matrimonial biodata also includes your education, job description, annual income, body type, disabilities (if any), and your horoscope details. In Hindus, there are additional factors, such as Gotra, Kuldevata, Rashi, Nad. A Patrika or Kundali is a detailed representation of the horoscope which is also attached along with the biodata. Information about family members, such as names of parents, brothers and sisters; their qualification and job descriptions. You also need to provide contact details along with few photographs. For online matrimonial sites, you can provide as many photos as you want. But, it is advisable to put recent photographs.

Sample Biodata
Here is a biodata sample, that you can refer to.
Personal Information
• Name: (first name, middle name and last name)
• Age:
• Sex:
• Height:
• Weight:
• Complexion:
• Date of Birth:
• Place of Birth:
• Religion:
• Marital Status: (never married, divorced, widowed)
• Children: (if any)
• Educational Qualification:
• Hobbies:
• Habits: (mention smoking and drinking habits)

Professional Information
• Job Status: (working, unemployed, searching or student)
• Job Description: (government job, private company, proprietor or business)
• Job Profile: (your position in the office)
• Job Timings: (mention working hours and shifts)
• Annual Income:
• Name of the Company:

Family Details
• Father's Name:
• Qualification:
• Job Description:
• Mother's Name:
• Qualification:
• Job Description:
(mention if your parents are separated and/or remarried)
• Brother's or/and Sister's Name:
• Qualification:
• Job Description:
(mention if they are married, unmarried, divorced and/or remarried)
• Family Structure: (nuclear, joint)
• Number of members in the family:

Horoscope Details
• Sun Sign:
• Moon Sign:

Contact Details
• Address:
• Permanent Address:
• Phone No:
• Mobile No:
• E-mail Id:
• Fax No:

(mention what qualification, qualities, profession, etc., you would prefer in your to-be-spouse)

• Send your latest photos, full length as well as close up, along with the biodata.
• Make sure that all the information is accurate.
• Do not brag and go overboard describing yourself. Neither be secretive.
• Do not mention too many expectations. This can make your search for a prospective alliance difficult.
• Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.
• Pay attention to the biodata format. It should be neat and readable. Avoid confusing fonts and dark backgrounds.

A matrimonial biodata helps people to get an overview of a prospective bride or groom and a general idea of whether that person is compatible. Ensure that you keep it as simple as possible. Hope, you find your soulmate soon.