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Name Compatibility Quiz

Have You Ever Considered Taking the Name Compatibility Quiz?

Are you head over heels for a guy/girl, but are unsure whether the feeling's mutual? Go through this LoveBondings post and take our name compatibility quiz to find out.
Gagan Dhillon
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Love can be a complicated concept, where sometimes we think we know a person and their feelings, but can get highly mistaken. Many teenagers and adults have made errors in judging a potential romantic partner, and sometimes have let their hearts decide for them.
Whether you're a couple or wish to be, there are times when you have searched through horoscope readings, tarot cards, online love quizzes, and so much more. Well, have you ever considered doing a name compatibility quiz? It's quite easy, actually. All you need to do is read through the information provided below and answer a few, simple questions later on. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!
The Preparation Phase
First and foremost, we want you to get a piece of paper and pen. And secondly, make sure no one interrupts you while you're taking the test; the less distractions, the better.
1. Write down your name, leave a little bit of space, and under that write the name of that special someone.
2. In the center, write loves, so it reads something like this:
3. Now, strike out all the alphabets that are repeated in both the names along with the word 'loves'. From the example we've given above, we will remove 'E', 'O', and 'L'.
4. Now we are left with 10 alphabets. Now denote the respective numeric number to the remaining alphabets. R = 18, U = 21, I = 9, T = 20, V = 22, E = 5, S = 19, O = 15, and M = 13.
5. The total comes to 142. So, now you know that Juliet and Romeo are 34% compatible. What's your compatibility count?
The Quiz
This is a fun quiz where your answers will determine your compatibility percentage.
  • All 10 questions 'yes' = Compatible
  • 5 – 7 questions 'yes' = 60 – 75% compatible
  • Less than 4 questions 'yes' = Not compatible
So ready, set, go. Make sure to finish this quiz in exactly 2 minutes' time. (Essentially, an attempt to make it sound more complicated than it really is!)
1. Do both your names have the same number of alphabets?
2. Do your first or last names start with the same alphabets?
3. Do you both love taking compatibility tests?
4. Are you taking this quiz together?
5. Do you both have a middle name?
6. Is this your first attempt at this quiz?
7. Do you often call out his/her name when you are actually referring to someone else?
8. Do you remember his/her last name?
9. Do you remember his/her last name even after 5 drinks?
10. Are you sure you have his/her real name?
The quiz is provided as a fun-filled activity, so don't get disheartened if the compatibility meter is not 100%. Be brave and peruse your object of affection. Good luck!