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Nicknames for Boys

When it comes to choosing nicknames for boys or girls, there are no rules as such. You either shorten the actual name, or choose a name that suits him perfectly. The article below, will offer you several examples of both. Have a look.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
When I go out with the ladies, I don't force them to pronounce my name. I tell them I like to go by the nickname of Kitten.
- Joaquin Phoenix

Usually, we use nicknames to address our loved ones affectionately. Sometimes, if the real name is really long, we shorten it naturally, and this shortened version, becomes a nickname. However, if you are looking for a cute nickname for your boyfriend, you either have to think of something on your own that sounds nice, or search for a name that has a great meaning.
Here, you'll get a variety of nicknames that you can choose from. After these nicknames, you'll find a list of common real names and their respective pet names. In the end, we'll look at various ideas that will help you in creating your own nickname.
Cute Nicknames
Bubby Handsome
Goobers Chico
Bunny Hunky
Plum Heartbeat
Hunk Bunnie
Gibby Romeo
Amore Cheeseball
Jay Ace
Dash SoulMate
Winky Prince
Pumpkin Joyful
Stud Dumpling
Sunshine Puppie Pot
Asher Cuddle Bunny
Lovey Dovey Killer
Papi Hubby
Suggams Troy
Ozzy Lover Boy
Hero Lubber
Hearty Flame
Ziggy Squishey
Sparky Honey Bunch
Superstar Lovie
Goldie Silver
Sugar Daddy Pie
Meatball Tarzan
Precious Superman
Wubby Snookie
Lollipop Waffles
Pea Tart
Nicknames for Children

Benhur – Ben Franklin - Frank
Clifford – Cliff Aldrich - Rich or Richie
Edward – Ed Leonard - Leo or Lenny
Steven – Steve Wilfred - Willie
Michael – Mic Curtis - Curt
Albert – Al Benedict - Bennie
Leslie – Les Raymond - Ray
Augustus – Austin Oswald - Ozzy
Ernest – Ernie Robert - Rob
Bradford – Brad Calvin - Vinny
Rodger – Roddy Josiah - Joe
Levi – Lee Joseph - Joe or Joey
Emmanuel - Manny or Manuel Barnabas - Barney
Alfred – Fred Henry - Hank
Christian – Chris Eugene - Gene
Tobias – Toby Clement - Clem
Ronald – Ronnie Reuben - Rube
Johann – John Sylvester - Vester
Zephaniah – Zeph Jefferson - Jeff
Newton – Newy Laurence - Larry
Herbert – Herb Bernard - Barney
Gilbert – Gil Rudolph - Rudy

Creating Cool Nicknames for Boys
  • Avoid creating a name that reflects the way a person looks. For example, if your friend/boyfriend is fat, avoid names like 'fatty' and 'fatso'. Here you make sure that you aren't hurting his feelings or emotions.
  • Try to analyze his personality, behavior, and way of thinking. These things can give you great hints. For example, if he watches a lot of movies, you can call him 'buff', 'buffy' being a more mushy alternative.
  • Sometimes, using just the initials of a person, makes the nickname sound really cool. Though this isn't really a creative way of coming up with a name, it certainly is way cooler!
  • If you want to create a creative nickname, try to understand what the person in question likes the best. Once you know what it is, see what it is called in other languages. You might get some great ideas there.
If, while looking at these nicknames you get confused, start by choosing the ones you like the best. After you have your 'favorites', select one that suits him the best. If you want to suggest any nicknames for boys, you can leave them in the comments section below.