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Pet Names for Boys

Pet names and nicknames are used to address a person lovingly and affectionately. Though most people get tagged with one as children, even later in life, these names make for some really nice terms of endearment. In the article below, we'll have a look at several pet names for boys, that you can use for your son, friend, or your boyfriend even.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
"Pet names are a persistant remnant of childhood, a reminder that life is not always so serious, so formal, so complicated. They are a reminder, too, that one is not all things to all people."
- Jhumpa Lahiri
While choosing a pet name, or trying to make one yourself, you don't really have to abide by any rules as such. A pet name can be as weird and funny as you want it to be. In most cases, these names are anyway used only in personal conversations. In love relationships, you might want to call that someone special, something special. In that case, it's always good to go with a pet name that is sweet, affectionate and maybe even a little mushy. At the end of the article, we also tell you how to choose the right pet name. Here are more than 60 pet names for boys you can choose from. Take a look!
List of Pet Names for Boys
Sunshine Cheese Joy
Bun Ash Pum
Pooka Gib Pot
Bub Ace Spade
Tarz Romeo Scotch
Boo Punk Box
Bear Akki Bourbon
Mac Fur Simba
Oompa Halo Jet
Pat Tag Sin
Raff Bean Donnie
Alpha Booga Spec
Rage App Boa
Juice Bee Sushi
Cub Dan Mic
Denis Hawk Atom
Pumba Dob Tigger
Rock Champ Uno
Sake Leo Don
Bow Jas Taco
Spanish Pet Names for Boys
- My Sweetheart
- Treasure
- My Darling
- Sweetheart
Mi Sol
- My Sun
- Little Bright Star
- Heart
- Handsome
- Lovable
- Asked for; Desired
Choosing the Right Pet Names for Boys
  • If you want to create a pet name on your own, first think about the person's strong likes and dislikes. These usually form the personality of a person and can help you a little.
  • If you are searching for a pet name for your boyfriend, try to avoid funny names. Affectionate names such as 'hun' and 'chocolate' seem better in this context.
  • A pet name is always liked when it's shorter. This also helps when you address the person frequently.
  • It is very important that the pet name you choose, suits your boyfriend or friend. Sometimes, they just don't click and end up sounding lame.
  • Also, avoid the extremely cliched ones. It's always good to keep the pet name unique.
Now that you have so many names to choose from, don't get confused. As a first step, write down the names that you happen to like the best. Second, using the tips above, choose shortlist them further. Then, zero in on one among the ones left. All the Best!