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Ask These Premarital Counseling Questions for a Healthy Marriage

Premarital Counseling Questions
A premarital counseling session will make you understand your roles as a husband and wife and help you prepare for yourselves for the marriage. Here is a list of questions that you can expect at a counseling session.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
Many couples, who are planning to get married, often go in for premarital counseling. It helps people in relationships to handle themselves better and avoid any kind of misunderstandings that may arise, after they start living together post marriage. Although, many couples these days opt for counseling, still, there are many who are not aware about it and how it helps. Given below is a list derived from premarital counseling questionnaires which most counselors follow. Be honest while answering these questions and you will be surprised to see how much you have known about each other.
How do you plan for financial sustainability?
Do you want to blend your finances? If yes, how do you plan to do that?
Are you under any kind of loan?
Have you taken medical insurance?
Do you have any retirement plans?
Have you invested in any savings and investment plans?
Have you made a will?
If a spouse dies, how will you divide your finances?
In case there is a divorce, how will the money be divided?
How much of your income do you normally invest?
How do you plan to organize your daily expenses?
If there is any misunderstanding between both of you, how will you settle it?
Do you feel that your partner does not understand you, especially when you have had an argument?
Whenever you have a conflict, are you able to resolve it? Or do you feel that it can never be resolved?
Does your partner easily express his/her feelings?
Are there any habits or traits of your partner which you dislike immensely?
Is there anything about your partner that turns you off or which you want that he or she should change?
Are you comfortable talking about sex with your partner?
Do you think that your partner satisfies you sexually?
How will you share the housework in your home after marriage?
Who will make the family budget?
How important are friends and family to you? Is there anything specific about your family and friends which you would like to share with your spouse?
Do you want to have children?
How much time, daily, can you give to your children? Will you take equal responsibility in raising your children?
Where will you live post retirement?
Do you think that your plans and goals for the future will be made by giving priority to your family first?
Is Jesus the Lord of your life? Will you give your life for your religion?
Has Jesus brought the two of you together? Do you think that he will bless you as a married couple?
Do you think that you will remain committed in this marriage till the end of your life?
How can spirituality help your relationship to grow?
Do you follow the spiritual beliefs, values, and customs of the church?
Have you been sexually active with people other than your fiance? If yes, have you told each other about it?
Will you share your Christian beliefs with your children? How will you do that?
Many relationship experts believe that a counseling session may help couples prepare for a successful married life. These days, counselors make the couples undergo a test, to check their compatibility in long-term relationships. After all, to make a long-term relationship work, a couple needs trust, understanding, mutual respect, and similar values and goals. Marriage is one of the most significant events in a person's life. So it requires an equal amount of selfless love and nurturing from both the partners to blossom into a beautiful and strong relationship with time. Good Luck!
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