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8 Stupid and Irritating Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man

8 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man
Believe it or not, there are certain questions that can actually irritate and make men distant, and in worst cases, put a full stop to the relationship. So unless you want to feel bad, and want to have one of the biggest baseless arguments ever, avoid asking certain questions to your man.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
When my girlfriend asks dumb questions, I feel obligated to give sarcastic answers.
A Boyfriend
Whoever said that there is no such thing as a stupid question, didn't really date much. While the theory might stand true in academics, in relationships certain questions do exist that are just plain stupid, and if asked can make anyone feel miserable for a while. These questions may appear pretty logical and innocent to the one who is asking, but the one who has to answer knows what's wrong with it.

Communication is important for a healthy relationship, but it is also essential to know where to draw the line. Men and women think differently, hence it doesn't matter how logical or right certain questions seem to the fairer sex, it is always better that they aren't asked. Avoid ruining the love and peace that exists in a relationship by asking the following questions to your man.
Do I look fat?
Worried Young Man
What he says: In an instant, NO!

What he wants to say: Do you want me to cry? Do you? Why do you have to ask me the weight question? Just go look in the mirror and see for yourself, and if that isn't convincing, check the weight and height chart on Google to know for sure.
All men despise this question, because there is no perfect way to answer it. If he says 'No', you aren't going to believe him, and also accuse of him lying and being unfair. If he ventures the truth like 'Not that much, but you can surely avoid the late night ice cream for a few days', he is certainly doomed, as the answer might hurt your feelings.
What are you thinking?
Couple Having Coffee
What he says: Just work-related stuff. OR, I was just thinking about you.

What he wants to say: Can't I just sit and not think anything? Do I have to think of something all the time? There is nothing going on there, I wish I could show it to you.
This question can make the most cheerful man unhappy. If your man is just sitting alone, doing nothing, it may be something that you find very attractive. You are so intrigued by this superpower that you have to know what's going on. If he answers the question by saying 'Nothing', you think that he is hiding something. It might be hard to believe, but men can actually think about nothing. It is in their DNA, can't help it.
How many women did you sleep with before me?
What he says: If the number is large, he'll lie, and if it is small, he'll tell you the truth.

What he wants to say: Rock, hard place, and me in between. Why do you want to know that? It is all in the past, so let it be.
The answer actually depends on the number. Most men have no qualms about declaring the number; however, they often lie because some women can't take it. The curiosity is understandable, but be ready to handle the news like a mature person. Just imagine yourself answering the same question. Won't you run for the window?
Whom do you like more: your mum or me?
Man Listening
What he says: I love both of you in appropriate amounts.

What he wants to say: Why the comparison? You understand how difficult this is for me, right? You are making me choose between the woman who gave birth to me, and the one I love. What is wrong with you?
Intelligent girls never ask such dumb questions. The relationship between your man and his mom is totally different from the relationship he shares with you. No need to mix them up. Plus, there can be no comparison. Get ready to see one of his worst sides after asking such an irritating question.
When will this game be over?
Man Playing
What he says: Just give me a few minutes.

What he wants to say: How do I know? It will finish when it has to. I didn't develop it, and I also don't work for the company who did.
Women, games are important to men. It provides us a chance to be something that we'll never be - a superhuman. It reminds us of a simpler time when we thought everything was possible, and the world was our playground. Plus, we really like the animation, the sound, the weapons, and a chance to save the world. So please don't bother us when we are in the game mode.
Where do you see us in ten years?
Couple In Apartment
What he says: Nothing, just blank expression.

What he wants to say: Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?
Don't link the inability to answer this to his fear of commitment. Men don't plan relationships in advance. They prefer living in the moment, and enjoy spending time with the woman they care about. This doesn't mean that they don't see a marriage or a family in the future, but as of now, they prefer the way things are.
What do you mean 'it's fine'?
Couple Fighting
What he says: It's fine.

What he wants to say: It's fine.

When men say it's fine, it actually means it's fine. There is no underlying meaning to that. You may think that it is too simplistic an answer, but for most men it is probably bigger than a statement.
Would you move on after I die?
Couple Talking In Restaurant
What he says: Of course not, baby. You are my one true love.

What he wants to say: First die, and then you can come back and haunt me with such ridiculous questions.
Why the self-critical mode? Have you recently watched Seven Pounds? And do you want me to behave like Will Smith? Why do you love asking such hypothetical questions? Is it because the answer can make you mad, and we would have something to argue about? I really don't know what I would do if one day you are just taken away from me. However, as of now, it still hasn't happened, so let's not think about it.
Some More Questions that Should be Avoided
► Why can't I come to the guys' night this time?
► Do you mind if I go out for lunch with my ex?
► Is she prettier than me?
► Why are you looking at her? Do you know her?
► Do you want me to drive?
► Which color would you prefer for our bedroom - 3112 white or 3113 white?
► Are you really going to wear that shirt?
► Would you've dated me if I were blind or crippled?
► Do you want to go to my parents' house for dinner?
► What was your ex like?
► How many kids do you see us having?
► Would you like to be reborn as my boyfriend/husband again?
► If your ex-girlfriend wants you back, would you leave me for her?
► What is the most extreme thing that you can do for me to make me believe that you love me the most?
Ladies, just avoid these questions if you want to avoid infinite awkward moments and petty arguments with your man. Trust me, you two are better off without these doubts and their answers.