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Reasons to Love Someone

Reasons to Love Someone: Some Stupid, Some Logical

Doesn't it seem a little vague? Looking out for reasons to love someone? Don't you just fall in love? Well ... sometimes, you start loving a person for the innumerable great qualities they possess. Which ones? Let's find out.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
You love people sometimes for the stupidest of reasons. There cannot be a list of qualities you can check and confirm your feelings for someone. Sometimes, you fall in love at first sight. For all you know, the person might already be married to someone. That's what love is. It just happens―without reasoning, without conditions. Nevertheless, once we spend time with that someone we love, we start falling in love with certain things they do or certain traits they possess. Instead of making a boring list, here's an extract from a letter, which a very dear friend of mine wrote to her fiancee.
Dearest A,

You would perhaps find this a bit childish, but this is what I really feel about you. I believe it is really important that you know why I love you. Here are my candid confessions about my feelings for you.
Reason #1
You are a fantastic human being. Need I elaborate? Nevertheless, by fantastic I mean the integrity of your character, the values and ethics (being truthful, honest, and genuine) you hold close to your heart, and the way you respect others and their way of thinking. I am a fan of your personality.
Reason #2
I love the way you balance humility, modesty, self-respect, and confidence. You are amazing at that. That I think, also gives you the power to detect your own flaws. And this, is really important, as there is a thin line between vanity and self-confidence.
Reason #3
You inspire me to be like you (obviously not when you have those fits of temper!); specially when you are at your best, in whatever you take up in life. Your tenacity and perseverance motivates me to the core and makes me want to be as independent and determined as I can. This is, I guess, one of the best reasons to love someone, right?
Reason #4
Now darling, enough of beating around the bush. I would get straight to the point. I love the way you love me and make me feel special. I think that says it all, but let me elucidate. I adore the way you look at me with your sincere and warm, blue eyes. They communicate respect, love, and a feeling of companionship. I love the way you never shy away or get tired of telling me how much you love me, which strengthens our relationship day by day. Oh yes, how can I forget how full of romance you are?
Reason #5
I love you because you make me laugh whenever I am low. That is one of the most important reasons to love someone, according to me. You know how to keep things light and easy when they tend to not be. That is also what precisely leads you to have such a positive and refreshing attitude towards life, which is simply amazing!
Well, actually, if I go on, the list of reasons can be endless, especially when it is me loving you! Therefore my dear A, I close this letter here, with lots of love.
That was just an excerpt. I am sure you would have a lot many reasons more to add. But trust me, in the end, it'll take just one second for you to know, he's the one.
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