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Rebound Relationship Signs

Rebound Relationship Signs: Not the Right Path, Get Out of It

A relationship is said to be rebound when a person moves on to a new relationship, almost immediately after a breakup. Deciphering signs of such a relationship is extremely difficult. This LoveBondings article helps you out.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Given the emotional love we want in every day life, it is not uncommon to see people rushing into relationships within a short span of time, after a break up. Nevertheless, it consequently leads to mushrooming of numerous signs that are unhealthy in the long run. So, if you recently broke up, and got into a new relationship just within a few weeks or months, it may, on the periphery, appear great emotional love and support; but in essence, is not a very healthy state of existence. The reason being that, you're not yet over with the memories and thoughts of your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.
Memories are dormant in your heart, that may get activated when triggered by circumstances, reminding you of your ex. Somewhere in your heart, you're stuck on one sole idea, that is to get ex back. It may happen that you must have moved on and healed faster after your break up. If it is the case, then may be various issues popping up in your life are not due to a rebound relationship, but some other reasons. However, if you were in a serious relationship that you're still unable to forget, then be aware of being in a rebound relationship.
Most Common Signs
It requires maturity and a fair judgment sense to give or seek any advice on relationships. This is owing to the fact, that every relationship is in, one or the other way, a form of rebound. There are some self-evident signs, but one must not conclude anything without deeply understanding the entire case separately.
Sign #1: I Still Remember Him/Her
It is human nature not to forget people who were a significant part of life in the past years, but then there is a limit to it, when it comes to relationships. It is logical not to forget exes for a long period of time. However, if you have entered a new relationship, by your choice, and you're still in the thoughts of your ex, then it is the time to rethink about your current emotional status.

Remember, to make rebound relationships work, great maturity between both the partners is required. The one who has recently gone through a break up and the new partner, both need to handle the situation sensitively. Nobody is advising you to forget your ex or not to remember him or her. But then, isn't it injustice to your current partner, if you're always lost in the thoughts of your ex? So, to make it a success, ingrain it in your heart and mind that you must move on, before it is very late.
Sign #2: My Present Partner is Perfect But I'm Unhappy
It is good if a rebound relationship ends in a short term, because if you are unable to forget the ex, there seems no reason to waste the time of the new partner, who deserves more attention, care, and love, than the past partner, who is non-existent in your life. Long term rebound relationships can eventually come to an end, if the partner who was in the trauma of break up, hasn't changed his/her thinking patterns. This also brings us to the second most common sign, that is unhappiness with the current partner. Although the current partner must be awesome in every respect, the "rebound partner" will feel a deep sense of unhappiness, that may not be shown in daily life, but it will be building up inside him or her. Bottling up unhappiness explodes in the later phase, when the other person starts feeling like something is missing.
If you go through the statistics, you will find that most of the rebound relationships fail, because its foundation was not love and commitment, but just a need of emotional and physical support. People who're experiencing such signs must discuss the issue with their partner, because the longer one stays in such a relationship, the more sour it can turn out to be. Moreover, people who go through a break up must give themselves time to understand what they're doing in life. They must go ahead with a new love affair, only when they're done with the past.