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Cute and Romantic Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Boyfriend

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Boyfriend
A scavenger hunt planned to surprise your boyfriend whilst keeping him guessing about something, is always fun, no matter what the occasion. Here are a few creative ideas you could try.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Scavenger hunts are always fun, no matter where and when they're held, because it's always the thrill of the chase that gets people going. If you have a huge group, going after that one prized object in the end, following a series of clues is what keeps everyone pumped. Organizing this mini treasure hunt at home, and getting someone to run around, deciphering clues and uncovering hidden messages, is absolute fun. Finally, it leads up to the treasure.
With a boyfriend of course it's different. You could be cute and mysteriously sexy all at once when planning a scavenger hunt, or you could try other ways to be coy. Be it his birthday, an anniversary, or a promotion, here are a few ideas to create a scavenger hunt to lead up to something exceptionally special.
♥ Rose Petal Trail
If you have the keys to his apartment, this would be the cutest idea ever. When you enter his place, start placing a trail of petals, after every two steps into the apartment. Let it travel over to the couch, where his first clue awaits him, telling him that someone loves him a lot, and if he'd like to find out who, to move on to the next clue. The rose trail should tease him, and let him follow it all over the apartment. The trails should have funny little notes, and naughty messages to keep him moving forward in the hunt. And finally, it should end at his bedroom, where a huge gift box can await him, complete with a big bow and shimmer. Once you hear him step into the room, jump out of the box and startle him. The room can be intimately set up with scented candles, petals adorning the sheets, and chilled champagne or wine on the nightstand.
♥ Message in a Bottle
Buy parchment paper, and char the ends to make it look old and faded. To go an extra mile, mix two tablespoons of coffee with one part water. This gives a soft brown color to the paper. Lightly dab this onto a thick chart paper. You can then char the ends to make it look worn and aged. Scrawl your clues across these, and roll them up and place them in mini bottles. Place these in numbered arrangements, after mentioning that at least 10 bottles are to be found in their order. If not, the clues won't make sense. Make it even crazier by ending it at the 9th clue, where you say that the final clue lies in the park or beach. The 10th clue will then be you, all alone with a grand picnic, or a barbecue party set up for him.
♥ Candlelight Hunt
Leave a note on his apartment door saying that, as soon as he sets foot into his place, he has to light the nearest candle. He then has to look for other candles in the room, and light them too. This will lead the way to other clues. Place the candles in such a way that you give him direction to other candles with similar notes, leading up to specific candles in a sequence. Once he lights the final candle, leave his gift waiting for him with another note, telling him to come find you at a so and so location, for an even bigger surprise. Once he gets to that destination, you can plan an extravagant party for him, with all his family members and friends present.
The scavenger hunt ideas can run into an endless succession of suggestions, of how to surprise your guy with one-of-a-kind gestures. However, make sure not to plan anything too complex, or you'll leave room open for glitches. Instead make it simple, playful, and fun.
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