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Short and Extremely Sweet Quotes to Engrave on Promise Rings

Short and Sweet Quotes to Engrave on Promise Rings
A promise ring can be personalized by engraving a heartfelt message. You can gift it to your loved one to celebrate the sentiment you have for him/her. LoveBondings promises some quotes to engrave on your promise rings.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018
Couple 'Rings'
A couple went out of their way and did something unique. They got their wedding rings engraved with a waveform of their voices - "I do".
Promise ring is said to be the ring that is given before engagement, to promise and commit the person, a relationship. But, this ring can be given as per the occasion or simply to express your love for 'the one'. Before promising a person, make sure that you can keep the promise and commit to it forever. A better way is to engrave it. An engraved promise ring is such a pretty form of expressing love, so make sure you make it special. It can be a secret between you two that is engraved inside the ring. Or, it might add to your compliments when you officially tell the world. Engrave it with something that both you can very well connect with. Engrave it with names or dates with initials. You can also engrave with a foreign language like 'Te amo' in Latin meaning "I Love you".
Here are some very cute and funny ideas to engrave on your rings.
Quotes to engrave
I Love You
Adventures Lie Ahead
100 Reasons & Counting...
To making our own rules, forever
I Promise
Till death do us part
The infinity symbol ∞
Beginning of forever
Promise rings
Now that I have you...
A perfect fit
Worth the wait
Until my forever ends...
Nothing else matters
You are SO mine
To the moon and back
You're still the One!
All my Love
United as one
You have my heart
Today, tomorrow, always
Forever, Amen
Eternally yours
Forever together
You jump, I jump I kissed you first!
You are so beautiful!
To my one & only
Can I keep you?
Till the wheels fall off
Chocolate Sprinkles
Hot Wifey Award
Mine, Mine, all Mine!!!
Promise ring
I Still See That Spark
More Oodles Than Noodles
999,995 more years to go
Sidewalk to My Heart
As the firelight in the night...
Finders keepers
I Cross My Heart
More than the whole world
To Memorable First Dates!
I'm not done with you yet!
Must be doin' something right
To a lifetime of fireworks....
Happily ever after begins!!
How Forever Feels
I've found my Nemo
Wine & Milkshakes
Good or bad, happy or sad
Two Souls, One Heart
Lobsters for life
To Love Honor & Irritate
US against the world
Oh, it is love
Promise ring
I said it first..
Worth Fighting For
Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours
To Slow Dances & Smelly Daisies
Legally Mine
Still get chills & thrills!
I kitty you
You're Stuck With Me
I'll always meet you half way
∞ + 1
The calm to my storm
No Regrets
Be my Huckleberry?
In High Seas or In Low Seas
You, me, and the Hogs forever
This Day and Always
A deal is a deal
Remember when. . .
Put it back on!
I only snore for you
Vodka & Caviar
I missed you for 29 years
Our Nation Of Two
A Million More Sunsets
In my book of dreams
Yes, I am happily married!
Promise ring
Just us
One ring to rule them all
Same team. High five!
Can I have this dance?
L-O-V-E x 10
We Win!
I pinky swear
Irrevocably in love
Quotes for both
Love and laughter
Shelter forever

When in doubt,

Everything Happens ...
... For A Reason
Promise ring
I Found My Other Half, 2012
My Other Half Found Me, 2012

1st ring: Mostest
2nd band: Mostester

Lots & Lots & Lots
Forever & Ever

Balance Patience
Responsibility Truth

The more I think about it...
... the more I'm sure it's you

Our eyes met,
Our souls danced

Like the ocean where we met
Like the sky where we're headed

What happened in Vegas...
...Followed me home

Tell me a story...
...about us

How Much
Too Much

Hold My Hand,
Travel the World
Promise ring
Wing to wing
And oar to oar

In Hand
In Heart

Like wine-
we improve!

For Him: She stole my heart...
For Her: I stole his name

My Mr. Incredible
My Mrs. Incredible

No Refunds
No Returns

Ring 1: To Have
Ring 2: To Hold

I had a flame
But she had a fire

Let's Keep Dreaming...
Under The Moon Together
These rings are one of the most special and unique gifts you can give. Drop a line if you have tried more unique ways to express and promise love.