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Read His Body Language: Signs a Guy is Interested in You

Signs a Guy is Interested in You
Knowing about the signs that a guy is interested in you will help you to make your move at the right time, if you too are attracted towards him. Read on to know about ten sure shot signs of male attraction in this LoveBondings article.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
So there is this guy whom you really like. Someone whom you want to know better and date. The problem is you do not know how he feels about you. You may be unsure whether he considers you a friend or anything more than that. Many women get confused when it comes to understanding the intentions of men. In such situations, knowledge about the male body language as well as their psyche, will give them a definite idea on where they stand.
10 Signs He is Interested in You
Ah! That Stare ...
So you have caught him many times staring at you. And the moment you catch his eyes, he looks away! If this has happened on many occasions, it shows that the guy fancies you! One word of caution here - learn to distinguish between a "want to know you" and a "I want you in bed" gaze!
Omnipresent ... Is he?
The cute guy in your class shows up wherever you go. He is there at the eatery you visit with your friends in the evening. He is outside your guitar classes. He even shops at the same store as you do! What a coincidence, you must be thinking? Nah ... it is not a coincidence. The guy is simply trying to catch your attention!
Leaning All the Way ...
Does the guy come really close while talking to you? One of the signs he's interested in you is that he leans or faces his body towards you while talking, even when standing in a group. Leaning is a signal that he wants to come closer!
A Good Listener?
He has suddenly started paying attention to whatever you say. Generally, guys are not good listeners and they do not remember most of the things discussed in conversations. But if he gives you as well as your thoughts, words, and feelings undivided attention, it means he is hooked on to you.
Joking Away to Glory ...
All guys know that girls get attracted to guys who can make them laugh. If you find this guy sharing jokes with you, trying his best to make you laugh and make you feel happy, it is one of the signs he's interested in you.
Nervous and Fidgety
Another sign of attraction is that when the woman they are interested in is around, they appear very nervous, fidgety, and anxious. They will touch their hair or push back their shoulders, sweat, stammer, and more than anything, would want to please you!
Mirroring You?
His body language starts resembling yours. Whenever you talk, does he tend to lean forward when you lean towards him? Or does he sit in the same pose as you do? When we feel emotionally connected with someone, our body language starts mirroring theirs. If you notice these similarities, it is evident that the guy likes you.
Making Plans with You?
Most guys will not ask you on a date unless and until they have some surety that you will agree to go out with them. In order to know your intention, they will just casually hint at doing something with you. If you once mentioned to this guy that you like watching movies and he says that he is a great movie buff and you too should some day plan to go for movies together, it's a sign that he wants to ask you on a date.
Displays Chivalry ...
If the guy is at his best behavior in your presence, if he takes pains to look well-groomed in front of you, it shows that he wants to make a good impression on you. If you find this guy displaying gentleman-like behavior when around you, the reason is he likes you.
Acting Jealous?
Does the guy get jealous when you talk or flirt with other guys in your group? Is he always trying his best to take your attention off other guys? This is one of the sure signs he likes you.
If you see a guy displaying all or most of these, and you like him back, go ahead and give some hints that you find him attractive too. All relationships start with attraction, then move on to bonding, which is usually followed by commitment. You never know what might happen next!
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