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Divorce Agreement Template

Divorce Agreement Template

In case of a separation, it is important that you be aware of the legalities so that you can get over this painful process in as little time as possible. It is important to understand legal documents and referring to a proper template will help you understand what to expect from such an agreement.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Separating from a person who you swore to love and live with for eternity is probably one of the most difficult decisions that a person has to make. There is always a lot of emotional baggage that is connected to making such a decision. And the pain caused only increases when you end up in a court proceeding, alleging a person you loved about things that would in normal circumstances be either inconsequential or just the cause of an argument. Ugly divorce proceedings are situations no one wants and one of the best ways to avoid one of this is to agree to sign mutually drafted divorce agreement. In such a scenario it may be a good idea for each party involved to be at least familiar with a template. Even with legal counsels available it is important to be aware of what your rights are.

A divorce settlement agreement defines your relationship with your ex partner. It spells out in black and white different aspects that are being argued upon like property, child custody and support, visitation rights, alimony, division of jointly owned assets, etc. A jointly drafted agreement ensures that each party puts in the terms and conditions he wants. In this article, we give you a template that will tell you how a separation agreement is drafted.


While drafting a divorce separation agreement you will definitely need to consult a divorce lawyer as this is a legal document. But understanding a proper template for a divorce agreement will ensure that there are no issues post the separation and you do not feel like the lawyer you hired did not do a good enough job.

Format for a Divorce Agreement
Name and Address of Court
Purpose of Document

Name of Petitioner


Name of Respondent

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Explain in brief and concise terms the nature of the agreement. Mention that the details of the marriage between the petitioner and the respondent are given below, as are the terms of the separation agreement.
  • Mention the address of the petitioner and for how long he or she has been staying at said address. Most courts make it mandatory for the petitioner to have resided at said address for at least a period of three months.
  • Mention the date on which the petitioner and the respondent were married, where they were married, and the state under whose laws the marriage is sanctified.
  • Mention the date or the approximate date on which the petitioner and the respondent started living in separate accommodations.
  • If the petitioner and the respondent have any children, then name them and the date on which the children were born.
  • Mention the agreements and plans according to which the petitioner and the respondent have reached to an agreement and have, therefore drafted this mutually agreeable divorce agreement.
  • Mention the work address of both the petitioner and the respondent and also their social security numbers.
  • One of the last points mentioned in the agreement should be the fact that both the petitioner and the respondent believe that it is impossible to preserve the marriage.
  • Make an appeal for the dissolution of the marriage under the laws of the state.
  • Mention how the court should decide on the relief to be awarded.
  • Also mention how the petitioner or the respondent depending on who has filed the agreement wants to revert to their maiden name once the divorce is finalized.
Signature of Petitioner: ____________

Statement stating that the agreement was submitted on the date mentioned by the petitioner and has acknowledged the points made before the notary.
Signature of Notary Public
Notary Public

You can also look up a sample in order to be doubly sure of how a template should be drafted. It is important that you consult a good lawyer when you start your divorce proceedings. Unless the marriage has been a bad and abusive one, remember that this is the person whom you have spent a lot of good times with. Act with maturity befitting the situation and do not make the divorce a spectacle.