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10 Unmistakable Signs to Help You Identify Your Soulmate

10 Signs to Help you Identify Your Soulmate
Soulmate―the word that did stir up our romantic desires before we didn't, so to say, 'grow up', now feels nothing less than a mirage, so that we keep on searching for this perfect partner. But seriously, no matter how much we deny the possibility of finding a soulmate, truth is, that somewhere deep down, we are constantly looking, aren't we? LoveBondings gives you the 10 signs to help you identify your soulmate.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
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"I have married so many couples who met in high school or in their twenties, maybe dated, broke up, moved on, or hung out around the same circle of friends and never connected. Then one day, they run into each other again, sometimes in magical ways, and love blooms."
― Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway (Wedding Officiant and Author)
With the relationship scenarios that we commonly observe these days, where couples are fighting, adjusting, separating, divorcing, re-marrying, and repeating the whole cycle of taxing make-ups and break-ups over and over, it gets quite difficult to actually believe, or even hope, that there is someone specially made for us in this world. Most of us have grown up watching movies and reading books that make us hopeful of finding true love one day, finding a person who will love, care, and treasure us all our lives, and we will gladly reciprocate. However, in real life we see a handful of couples that we would call made for each other.
While you may frown upon the term soulmate or made for each other, the truth is, it actually exists. The one misconception that most people have in their perception of a soulmate is that once found, everything will be perfect, like a fairy tale! This is far from the truth. Perhaps this is the main reason why people shun the whole concept of finding a soulmate, because they want one who can make them view life via rose-colored glasses. The reality is, that your soulmate is bound to make your life challenging, because the whole purpose of your unity is to evolve your soul so that both of you may serve your soul's purpose while catering to your soul path.
Even in this mean and shrewd world, where practicality takes over emotions when it comes to making a decision, especially a relationship decision, there are couples who are living a content life with their partners who are inevitably their soulmates. While some (no less than a handful) have found the love of their lives, some of us are still looking with a candle light, the flame of which brightens and diminishes from time to time. Have you ever given it a thought that maybe, just maybe, you've already met your soulmate and are still trying to convince yourself that you haven't come across him/her? Go through the following signs to understand what we're trying to say.
Your first meeting doesn't seem to be the first
All of us have been through the perplexity of a first meeting. The nervousness, consciousness, and the constant effort to hold yourself back in order to form a good first impression ..., taxing, isn't it? But this doesn't happen with everybody. We're sure that many of you would have had these meetings where meeting this person for the first time made you feel that you guys have known each other for a long time. The comfort level established made both of you be your true selves in front of each other, without any form of pretense, without making you feel like you need to hold your thoughts to yourself. Do you recall anyone who made you feel this way?
You complete each other's thoughts
Have you had this moment where you thought of the person and he/she calls you? Or, you both pick up the phone to call each other at the same time? Also, has it ever happened that you were humming this song in your mind since morning and this other person also has the same thing going in his/her mind? Even during a conversation, you end up starting a sentence and this potential soulmate ends up finishing it, as if you two have the power to read each other's thoughts! Adding further to this, we have also seen cases where one partner felt a strong craving for sweets and that very day the other sends him/her a box of chocolates. While you may call it all a coincidence, we call it a sign!
There is something beyond logic that attracts you toward each other
We all tend to choose a partner, provided he or she fulfills certain predetermined conditions. For example, he/she should be attractive, well-dressed, well-spoken, equipped to be a part of our social circle, blah, blah, blah! Therefore, if we meet a person that fulfills all these criteria, it is logical to get attracted towards him or her. However, in many cases, a strong attraction has been observed toward each other, irrespective of the fact if the conditions are fulfilled or not. While our logic may tell us to look for a better-looking option, or someone with a larger bank-balance, we happily choose to avoid our logic and feel pulled towards this person. What the mind has failed to spot, the soul has recognized!
Your timings, understanding, chemistry is supernal
We all have this inner side to our personalities, a side that we seldom show to the outer world, a side that not everyone in our lives can understand. However, we can totally show this side to our soulmate without having to worry about being judged. Not only this, the chemistry between you and your soulmate is absolutely splendid, something that cannot be felt with anyone else. You both can understand each other's silence; that look that seems normal to others conveys your soulmate what you're thinking. Not only this, this person knows exactly when you want to be left alone, or, when you want to be held tightly. While all this may sound very mushy, but yes, there are bonds that are so strong. Perhaps, you too have felt this at some point in time? If not, maybe you will, very soon.
You two may differ otherwise, but your core values match perfectly
Being soulmates doesn't mean that you two will be the exact copy of each other. There will invariably be certain differences in the way you function. You may not see eye-to-eye when it comes to your hobbies, preferences, favorite books, music, etc., but at the end of the day, your plans in life, your ultimate soul path, your core values by which you live, would be quite the same. This is what will make your union worth it, as both of your souls are destined to undertake the same journey, and you two are meant to help each other evolve and fulfill your karmic quest.
You feel alive, happy, content, at peace, with each other
We have already mentioned earlier that it is not necessary that the two of you will have all ups and no downs. However, in the midst of the arguments, minor differences, and issues, you in a way, come to realize that there is no one else who makes you feel so happy, alive, and content than this person. Let us put it this way: You two may try to look everywhere else, be with different people, experiment, explore, part, come back, but all this will only conclude that no one brings the sparkle in your eyes and the happiness to your soul like this person.
You have an intuitive frequency tuned with this person
You wake up one day and all you can do is get a strange feeling in your heart regarding this person. You don't want to come off as a nagging partner/friend, but some unexplainable intuition tells you that something is not right. Finally, after ceasing to hold back, you call him/her and find out that something was actually not right! It feels as if you (or you both) are tuned to each other's lives. That there is some power that informs you of each other when you guys are not together. This connection happens only with those who are karmically connected to our lives, our soulmate being one of them.
There is no pretense; this person loves YOU for who you are!
One of the most common statement that we come across during break-ups and divorces is, "He/she is not the person we married. He/she pretended to be someone he/she is not." The thing is, that when two people come together to get some form of gain, to use, manipulate, or exploit the other, pretense is an inevitable part of the relationship. However, no matter how good someone is at pretending, eventually, the true colors show. Another thing is that people are not that blind or stupid these days, so as to not be able to differentiate genuine feelings from the un-genuine ones. You may not be in the best of shape, be it physically or mentally, but this person will always be supportive and caring, only because he or she loves you for who you are.
It begins to feel that living life is impossible without his/her presence
Having met someone so crucial, it is natural to feel this way, to feel that life cannot be sustained without the presence of this person. Whether you realize this or not, but with time, this person becomes your habit, a necessity. You welcome the love, arguments, make-ups after fights, and days of not talking to each other, but, at the end of the day, you want this person in your life. In fact, many soulmates term this attraction as friendship. While friendship is the onset of love and companionship, only time tells that this ethereal bond of theirs is related to the soul.
Your gut feeling tells that you have found your soulmate!
At the end of it all, it comes down to this―what does your gut feeling say about this? What you share with this person, is it something that is normal? If one day you replace this person with another good friend, would it be the same? The support, loyalty, understanding, and devotion of this person to help you become a better human being is something that you will not find in anyone else. Just speak to your gut feeling, engage in the questions and answers, and focus on the identification signs. If you see a Yes emerging from within, you have found your soulmate!
Will you ever find love? How will you find your soulmate? The answer to all these questions lies within you, or to say, the belief within you. All good things come to those who believe. The skeptical mind will always find a way to stop you, but a willful and positive outlook will make your paths meet your soulmate's. At times you just need to widen your horizon, make yourself receptive to the signs that are being conveyed around you. Stop confining your limits based on your mind, follow your heart and walk on the path that fulfills your spiritual thirst, your soul. For most experts suggest that your soulmate will meet you only when you cater to your soul path. All the best!
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