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6 Sure Signs Your Crush Likes You

Signs Your Crush Likes You
How does one know when love is in the air? How does one really know when someone is in love with you? If you are looking out for signs to know whether your crush likes you, then check out some really easy signs to find out if the person is interested in you.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Having a crush on somebody is something we all remember happening to me during my school days! It was all about making him feel special in very possible without really knowing about the deep intricacies of love and relationships! Teenage years are spent in that endless pursuit of wondering whether this is just a crush or true love! Often my friends would wonder if they would be loved back in return or whether their crush really appreciated all what was being done in order to woo the person. So, what are the signs to know your crush likes you? How does one gauge his/her feelings? Is there a secret formula to know about someone's feelings? Well, this is something that was always there in the minds of many and although there's no secret formula, there are certainly some signs that can reveal if the person you like is interested in you. So, stop fretting around and take a look at these signs!
Your crush can't stop staring at you!
Well girls and boys, if your crush can't take eyes off you, then you have surely got him/her hooked on to you! This is often the case when you are yet to introduce yourself and if you cannot understand whether he/she likes you or not, simply keep a check on the gaze of the person. Using various methods of knowing feelings through body language will help you to understand a person better. Constant gazing or stealing covert glances are a sure sign to know if your crush likes you!
Your crush makes an extra effort for you
Well, you need not be worried about your crush liking you if the person makes an extra effort for you. It might be a simple thing such as helping you with your homework or even walking you home. He may be really courteous with you or she may cook you something special. Whatever the outcome, an extra effort only goes to show he/she really cares about you, but is unable to put it in words!
Your crush loves to stay connected with you
If you have managed to make a friendly overture by having a conversation with your crush, you can, for sure, know if a person likes you. If he/she shows an equal interest in striking a good conversation with you, then it is a surefire portent of good things to come;). You would know about the level of interest he/she has in you if your phone is buzzing all the timeā€•if someone is sending you an early 'good morning' to brighten up your day or an unfailing 'good night' that's sure to keep you dreaming about your crush all night.
You are always flooded with compliments
Does your crush notice when you make an extra effort to dress well? Does he/she compliment you often? It could be a very minute observation or he/she may genuinely offer praise with regards to your skills. Whatever the compliment, you can rest assured your crush is interested in you and would love to know you better!
Your crush wants to spend time with you
If your crush readily agrees to go out on a date with you or even help you with some odd chores in the neighborhood, you can be as sure as God made little green apples that he/she is interested in you! An uninterested person would obviously turn down your offer and deny even walking with you. If he/she is genuinely interested, you may receive a call before you even think about making any plan. If a person likes you from within, any person would go an extra mile to be with you!
Your crush finds excuses to be close to you
You may bump into him at the library or you may find her in the same grocery shop where you normally head to at the weekend. If your crush has this uncanny habit of popping up at places you usually frequent, be sure he/she is definitely interested in you! All you need to do is break the ice and if you have managed that, simply go ahead and shed your inhibitions to know all about your crush!
Once you are certain there is mutual interest between both of you, get to really know the person to be able to take the relationship to the next level. This will help you make the most of your relationship!