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11 Crazy Situations You Face if You Have a Forgetful Spouse

11 Situations You Face if You have a Forgetful Spouse
Having a spouse who is so absent-minded and forgetful, that you always have to keep a track of where they keep their things? Well, the following situations will seem very common to you...
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Are you still forgetting things?" "I don't know, I can't remember," I said."
― Stephen King, Duma Key
A forgetful nature will ensure that you have many problems to face everyday. Plus, if you have a spouse with a forgetful nature, the onus always lies on you. You have to double your memory pills, and ensure that life goes on smooth for both of you.
One excuse that they always have is, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry I forgot." And you know he/she does not do it purposely, but he/she was born absent-minded. Remembering passwords, recovering lost things, making checklists and reminders for them, all come as a part and parcel of your duty. To be the spouse of a forgetful partner is indeed an additional duty.
While it is usually men who have a forgetful nature (pardon me if I am being biased), men will be happier if they have a forgetful wife. In that case, they don't have to remember birthdays, anniversaries of the first meeting, first kiss, first date, etc. Ladies though, if you have a forgetful husband, the following tips can help you!
How to Deal With a Forgetful Husband
Become a detective, or hire one to search for his things.
Send him with a checklist everywhere.
Do not ever give your belongings to him to take care of.
Set up a reminder for your marriage anniversary, birthdays, etc., on his phone.
Ensure that the car keys are kept in place every time you both go somewhere.
At his workplace, ask his colleagues to keep a track of his things.
The following are some hilarious situations that arise when you have a forgetful spouse
forgetful spouse search
You've got to play the hunting game
Half your life is spent on searching and ransacking your apartment. You have to be the detective to help your spouse in finding things that she has forgotten. Under the sofa, in the kitchen cabinet, in the attic; you never know where she can forget her things. Hence, you've got to be careful with this aspect.
forgetful spouse purse
Your spouse cannot remember where she keeps her important things
She will carry the whole universe in her bag, but will forget to bring along some money or her phone.
forgetful spouse vehicle
You've got to be vigilant where your spouse has parked the vehicle
Your spouse will never remember where she has parked the vehicle, hence, the onus lies on you to remember such things.
forgetful spouse lost something
You know when a disaster is coming
His confused expression is enough to tell you that he has lost something really important. And yes, this is a danger signal. To be on the safer side, you decide it is better to be his nanny and take care of his precious belongings, instead of leaving them at his disposal. Sometimes, you even wonder if it is safe to send the kids out with him.
forgetful spouse reminder
Reminders are a part and parcel of your life
Reminder notes and strings, you try to remind yourself as much as possible, since it is an additional duty to remind your spouse of her things. You've constantly got to work as a reminder clock for her.
forgetful spouse card
You always carry extra money, since you never know if he/she will forget their wallet
This is indeed a huge problem, since your spouse may forget his wallet, and you might get stuck in an embarrassing situation somewhere out. Hence, it is better to carry some extra pennies in your wallet too, or a back-up card, in case he forgets (or even loses) his card.
forgetful spouse lost mobile
You wish things could speak!
Wherever she goes, she will always drop something, and you wish inanimate things had a life, and they could remind her to pick them up.
You've to go back from where you started because he forgot something somewhere
You start out on a journey, and your spouse remembers that he forgot something really important. And you have to go back to where you started from.
You always have friends and relatives calling to tell you what he forgot somewhere
Yeah, wherever he goes, he is going to keep his 'memento'. Hence, friends and relatives end up calling you and telling you to collect the things he left somewhere, since they know that he is anyway going to forget to collect them too.
She will always forget directions
Okay, this is really a bad situation. Just when you think that she knows the route to some destination, and you can make out from her confused look that you're totally at the wrong place. Back to the pavilion!
You always have to be vigilant about all the dates
Remembering dates is always your duty. And if it is your birthday or anniversary, you've got to give him hints beforehand! If he is forgetful, you obviously have to give out extra reminders if you don't want to miss out on your gifts!
A forgetful spouse ensures that you have a lot of hilarity in your married life (and some tensions too). However, if taken with a pinch of salt, these things will never bother you. Of course, on a serious note, you need to check whether your spouse is under a lot of stress which is causes him/her to forget things, or even if some medical attention is needed.
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