Dating apps like Tinder

6 Dating Apps Like Tinder

Love these days is hard to find, making your quest for love a little easy are dating apps like Tinder. If for some reason, you wish for an alternative to Tinder, here are similar free dating apps that you could try.
The Master Cupid

Tinder makes more than 26 million matches per day and has made over 6 billion matches ever since its launch in 2012.
We live in a world where we like to take even our coffee on the go. Who has the time to stop for a while to smell the roses, let alone find love! While you're away busy crunching out numbers at work, the love of your life might be somewhere just waiting to fall in love with you.

That might be the reason that the online world boasts of many dating sites. Their goal, allegedly, is to make dating easy, but we know how they eventually end up (most of the time). This is where Tinder came to the rescue of many love lost souls, it ensured that the person you meet via this app was a genuine. It finds matches by comparing your information like interests, mutual friends, and geographical location from your Facebook account.

However, with the recent update, the number of right swipes you make for a set period has been limited unless you pay a monthly fee. The result, many similar free apps gaining popularity. Here are a few dating apps that work like tinder that you could use.

Apps Like Tinder


This app helps you connect with your friends and friends of friends by accessing your information on the Facebook account. Gains access to some of your basic information like your work and education to create a profile for you. In addition, it displays 25 of your recent pictures to show you off. In short, this app tries to 'keep it real' and ensure that you meet genuine suitors via this app.


Imagine if the future love of your life passed by you everyday and you didn't even realize it! This app works serendipitously to help you find that person. Every time you cross paths with a user of this app, their profile shows up in your timeline. You could like someone and you'd be notified the next time you're within 250 meters of each other. It also allows you to message someone you like. If you don't like someone, you could just cross out his or her profile.


True to its name, this app with 70 million active users definitely has plenty of fish in their sea! You could browse through different matches for you using different algorithms like 'my matches', 'locals', 'ultra matches', or 'meet me'. It lets you message and chat with other users or woo the person you like by sending him or her gifts via this app. It respects your privacy and provides features that blocks people you wish to prevent from contacting you.


No clean-shaven men allowed, this app connects those with beards to those who love beards! Similar to Tinder, this app too helps you find people based on your location, provided they (or you, or both) have a beard and this app. If both users like each other, then it is a match, and both the users can chat with each other.


A personality quiz that gives you your match percentage with potential suitors. It has features like the "Quickmatch", which is a swipe-based matching system. You could browse through the profiles of your matches and send messages to those who manage to gain your attention. Users also have the option to save their favorite user profiles.


This app is quite similar to Tinder but with a teeny plus point for women. In this app, only women are allowed to message a match first, if the match doesn't respond, the message will be deleted permanently. The lifespan of this message can be extended for an additional 24 hours.

These apps are great for those looking for love around them, hope you get your get your happily ever after!