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Spanish Terms of Endearment That Sound Unbelievably Sexy

Spanish Terms of Endearment
Spanish terms of endearment have a completely sexy ring to them. Try some of those and floor that special someone.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
You call him Honey Buns, he calls you Sweetie-Poo. Ahem! To each his own, of course. But here's what I'm sure of - the love and adoration that you pour into saying 'Honey Buns' can never be replaced in public. Of course he wouldn't let you live it if he were caught dead being called that in front of his friends. So then you have to relegate yourself to calling him 'honey' or whatever lukewarm-washed out term you want to replace it with. The point is, the moment is probably lost and it's not coming back. Sad.
OK stop brooding. Look at it this way - what if I told you that you never have to forgo those moments of potential? How, you ask? Learn some Spanish terms of endearment. That's how. Cause, come on, what are the odds of people knowing what those terms mean, anyway? Not many. Guess what then, these Spanish terms will be your beacon to a coded language. You could learn some romantic phrases in Spanish and then whenever the mood strikes (or even otherwise) you could simply pull out some of the most potent ones and watch him/her melt, even as others look on with confusion marked on their faces.
Romantic Endearment Terms
romantic spanish terms of endearment
Amorcito - My Love / Sweety
Cariño - My Sweetheart
Mi Amor - My Love
Mi Vida - My Life
romantic spanish terms of endearment
Mi Sol - My Sun
Mi Tesoro - My Treasure
Corazon - Sweetheart
Chiquita / Chiquito - Little One
romantic spanish terms of endearment
Mi Cielo - My Heaven / Sky
Hermosa - Gorgeous
Preciosa - Precious
Cuchura / Cuchuras - Sweety
Spanish Terms of Endearment
spanish endearment terms and phrases
Muñequita - Little Doll
Belleza - Beautiful
Princesita - Little Princess
Pequeña - Little one
spanish endearment terms and phrases
Dulzura - Honey / Sweet Thing
Sirenita - Little Mermaid
Querido - My Darling
Lucero - Little Bright Star
Florecita - Little Flower
Mi Reina - My Queen
Mi Rey - My King
Nene - Baby Boy
Niña - Baby Girl
Corazoncito - My Heart / Little Heart
Mi Hombre Hermoso - My Handsome Man
Mi Querida / Mi Querido - My Dear
spanish endearment terms and phrases
Te Amo / Te Quiero - I Love You
Te Extraño - I Miss You
Te Necesito - I Need You
Te Adoro - I Adore You
spanish endearment terms and phrases
Eres Mi Angel - You Are My Angel
Tu Eres Mi Novia - You're my sweetheart
Eres Lindo - You're Cute
Tu Me Vuelves Loca - You Drive Me Crazy
spanish endearment terms and phrases
Se Mío (Esta Noche) - Be Mine Tonight
Quiero Abrazarte - I Want To Hug You
Quiero Ser Tuya - I Want To Be Yours
Eres Guapo - You're Handsome
spanish endearment terms and phrases
Te Quiero Besar - I Want To Kiss You
Bésame - Kiss me
Hazme El Amor - Make Love To Me
Tu Eres Muy Sexy - You are Very Sexy
Me Gustas Mucho - I Like You Very Much
Te Ves Bien / Grandioso - You Look Good / Great
Quiero Hacerte El Amor - I Want To Make Love To You
Quédate Conmigo Eesta Noche - Stay With Me Tonight
Quiero Que Me Hagas El Amor - I Want You To Make Love To Me
Quiero Que Seas Mío - I Want You To Be Mine
Warning - The usage of these terms coupled with a husky, low voice can lead to some pretty serious side effects. Don't say I didn't warn you.
I can picture you now - sitting across a room full of people, all chattering about in their own worlds. But not you. You search for him and when you find him, you look over... your eyes meet and you mouth a Bésame in his direction. Then the color rises to his cheeks and a smile follows, and right there you know that learning those Spanish terms was truly worth it.

P.S. - You'll just have to read the list to know the meaning of 'Bésame', won't you now.