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Sweet Nothings - Innovative Ways to Say 'I Love You'

Sweet Nothings - Ways to Say 'I Love You'
Clueless about how to creatively bring in the 'I Love Yous' to bestow upon your partner? Go through this LoveBondings article for some innovative ways of doing exactly that.
Janna Seliger
Last Updated: May 14, 2018
Make a list of the things that your partner loves and plan your 'I Love You' around that theme. Guaranteed success.
Sweet nothings:
Loving comments or pleasant remarks among lovers.
When lovers meet, sweet nothings are exchanged, yes? Not really, no. Definitely not always. You see, there are phases. Take for example, the beginning of a new relationship. A phase where everything that the person does fascinates you, hence, sweet words are easy to come by. Which is why, your partner getting out of bed in their pajamas, slowly rubbing their eyes to nudge away the sleep, is also reason enough to hug them from behind, nestle your head into the crook of their neck, and whisper sweet nothings into their ears. Give and take a few months and this might not always be the case. The love is always there, no doubt, but the words are exchanged with actions―making coffee for them, recording their favorite show for them to watch over the weekend, and a little bit of this and that. It becomes routine, it becomes simple, and there's no fuss and muss about it.

And that is precisely what we're trying to shake off. The routine and mundane, for the unexpected and romantic. Many people are convinced of the fact that coming up with sweet nothings is an impossible task, that they don't just sway that way. Which is why, we're giving you certain examples of sweet nothings that you can take up and make a success of.
Sweet Nothings Examples
Without having to say what you're feeling in those many words, there are still plenty of things that you can take up to show your affection, your love, and any other positives that you're feeling. The following is a listing of precisely those activities.
Steamy Affair
Here's what you do―go in for a shower (and make sure that you go in before him), and when the bathroom is all steamy, write a big 'I LOVE YOU' on the mirror. Then wait for the steam to be gone so that the message is hidden. Now all you do is wait for him to go in for his bath, and when he does steam up the bath, the message will be loud and clear. You just sit on the bed and watch him come out with a smile on his face. Alternately, you can also let your sentiments be known with the help of your crimson lipstick. Maybe early in the morning when he goes for his shave and finds the etchings on the mirror?
Hunting for Love
2 words―Treasure. Hunt. No matter what age you're at, this one is bound to get the excitement flowing. Yes it requires a little planning to make it work like a charm, but, my dear friend, imagine the fun she will have going from clue to clue. First things first, pen down your 'I love you' or any other compliment that you want to bestow on your love, and hide it where your partner is unlikely to look for it. Then, set about writing clues that range from the simple to the really complex and tough. Can you imagine the kind of fun it will be watching her? And well worth it for sure.
Love Notes
The simplest way to say it other than by speech is with written words. So you do just that. Write down some love messages of what you need to say to him/her and then find innovative ways to slip in that note to him/her. Our top favorites are in his work briefcase or her purse. Or, you could also mail the note to him/her. Imagine the surprise and elation for having used a technology that anyone rarely uses these days.
Words Are All You Have
Though there is nothing that can take the place of the 'I Love You', there are definitely more creative ways to say it like it is. So a differently-worded confession that packs in sentences like 'I Adore You', 'I Appreciate You', or 'I Crave You' are all very, very welcome. And you know what else? Try using different styles like writing a poem if you're good with that, rapping a song or a sonnet (not necessarily written by you), creating a comic featuring the two of you as the central characters... who would not be floored, my friend? Who?
Of Massages and More
Who's saying that you have to be all about the writing? Not necessary at all. You can show it through actions as well. We're thinking back rubs, shoulder rubs, and massages. If that does not show how much you love your partner, nothing else will. For one, there is nothing quite like getting a massage, and two, getting it from your partner gives it an intimate feel. It's for you to decide whether you want it to be a relaxing, calming, feel good massage, or a really, really intimate one that gets the heart pounding and promises more.
Bring in the Coupons
When all else fails, coupons rush in for the rescue. But say what you must, it really is a great idea to show how much your partner means to you. Come up with a bunch of things that he/she will be more than pleased to have redeemed. Like, a complimentary car wash, a head massage, or grocery shopping. Sometimes, that's all the 'I Love You' you need, not words.
Make, Bake, Shake
Make. Bake. Shake. Make them a sweater, a mix tape, a song, anything that you know he/she will love. Bake them their favorite cake and cookies and cream in the words 'I Love You' on them. And shake some boo**. That's right. Get your sexy on and do a little strip tease in the bedroom. None of these things really cost much, plus, imagine the delight at being on the receiving end of all these. Well worth it, right?
That's just how simple it is. It does not always have to be the over-the-top romantic gestures to show someone that you love them. Hell, it does not even have to be words―actions and gestures work like absolute charms to do your bidding as well. With the many ideas that have been provided here for your benefit, no excuse will do. Pick one that has appealed to you and go ahead and say it loud and clear.