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Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

Things to Do With Your Boyfriend - Come Up With Some Fun Ideas

Are you running out of ideas when it comes to spending time with your boyfriend? If you think your relationship is turning dull, let us look at some activities that you both can indulge in, to spice up your love life.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Every relationship goes through ups and downs. When the initial euphoria of finding a partner sets in, you start looking for stimulating activities that can bond the two of you together, on an emotional level. At this point, physical attraction takes a backseat and emotional compatibility comes to the forefront.
This phase is very important, as it often determines the future of a relationship. However, most times, couples experience a sense of boredom in their relationship. After a lot of physical intimacy, the passion begins to wear off and they start looking for excitement outside of the relationship. If you wish to save your relationship from turning sour, you should be willing to initiate things that could bring back the spark in your lives.
Romantic Ideas
Going for a movie or on long drives, is a clich├ęd plan. If you really wish to do something romantic and intimate, here are some ideas.
  • Cook dinner together and arrange the table with scented candles.
  • Rent a romantic movie.
  • Watch the sunset on a beach.
  • Take a walk by a moonlit beach on a full-moon night.
  • Start a campfire in your yard on a chilly winter evening and cuddle.
  • Read a romantic novel.
  • Take a hot shower on a rainy day.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Buy each other random gifts for no reason.
  • Take a chocolate bar and start eating it from opposite ends without using hands.
  • Get under the sheets and experiment with new moves.
  • Fall asleep in each other's arms.
Cute Ideas
Little cute things that you do for each other, will go a long way in building a relationship. These sweet things speak volumes about your feelings.
  • Write a poem for him.
  • Call him every half an hour just to say you miss him.
  • Write a short story together by completing each other's sentences.
  • Make a Valentine's day card for each other.
  • Write 50 reasons for why you love one another, on post-its.
  • Pack a simple lunch of sandwiches and go for a short day trip.
  • Gaze at the stars by lying next to each other in a dark, secluded spot.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Take a stroll in the park, holding hands.
  • Make sand castles on a beach.
  • Visit an art gallery or attend a music concert.
  • Join hobby classes.
  • Draw a self-portrait of each other.
Fun Ideas
According to experts, laughing and pulling each other's legs is therapeutic for a relationship. Here are some funny activities to do with your boyfriend over the weekend.
  • Wash the car or pets.
  • Go for a trek or fishing trip.
  • Set up a tent in a camping site and spend the night outdoors.
  • Go for a swim in a pond.
  • Go to a bowling alley or a club where you can play pool.
  • Give prank calls to your common friends.
  • Compete with each other in a boat sailing competition.
  • Chat with each other on social networking sites like strangers.
  • Watch a football game at your local club or high school.
  • Take funny photographs of each other.
  • Go biking on a rough terrain.
  • Spend a day at an amusement park.
You can come up with your own ideas for how to spend some great moments with your boyfriend. Remember, the whole idea is to have a good time together and strengthen your bond in the process.
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