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Flirting Tips for Girls in Middle School

Fun and Harmless Flirting Tips for Girls in Middle School

Equipped with some effective tips, any young girl can become the center of attention for the guy she fancies. Read on for some fun flirting tips for girls in middle school.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
So, you are attracted towards a guy in your class and want him to ask you out on a date? But your problem is that the guy does not even know that you exist! Sounds familiar? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Given below are some useful flirting tips for girls that are enough to signal a guy that you like him and will virtually make you irresistible to him.
A Million Dollar Smile
Believe me girls, no guy ever wants a drama queen! So, steer clear of all your craziness, and quit being sad or crying at the drop of a hat. Be a happy and cheerful person, and most importantly, SMILE! When you see your crush, wave at him and give him a warm, sweet, and genuine smile. Do not, however, overdo it! Keep it subtle. This is one of the most effective flirting techniques for shy girls.
Say it With the Eyes
Eyes can say a lot more than words. How? Well, when the guy you fancy and you are in the same room, always stand facing him. Look at him for a few seconds, and if he catches your eye, look away! Then look at him again and again look away. Do this a few times, till you see him looking at you.
Dress to Kill
Unlike girls, guys value physical beauty much more than anything else. So, make sure that you dress up in smart and trendy outfits. Get a new hairstyle and apply some light make-up for a natural look. Look your best and soon you will find many guys getting attracted towards you.
Be Soft and Feminine
Dress and behave in as feminine a manner as you can when in the company of the guy you like. Let him be all macho and take care of you in some way. For instance, you can go up to him and ask him to help you out with a math problem. This will work as a great conversation starter too, thus giving you both an opportunity to get to know each other and interact.
Talk Less, Listen More
Once you have initiated a conversation with him and have (hopefully) become friends, see to it that you do not talk unnecessarily when in his company. Give him a chance to start a conversation. Let him talk about things that he likes. By talking less and listening more, you are creating an aura of mystery around yourself, which any guy would love to unravel.
A Harmless Touch
One of the most obvious flirting tips for girls that will make a guy know for sure that you like him is to touch him subtly on the arm or the shoulder while talking to him. This will create a kind of intimacy between you two, and who knows, feelings might develop too.
Lean Towards Him and Whisper
When talking to a guy you like, slightly lean towards him. Also, talk in a very soft manner by lowering your voice. It should be almost a whisper and if you find the guy leaning towards you too, consider that your magic has rubbed on to him.
Be Yourself
This is very important. Guys can very easily spot fakes! So, always be yourself. Give your opinions wherever needed, but do not argue. Be very clear about what you like and what you do not. Live fully, and at the same time, let others be. The more positive, genuine, and warm you come across as a person, the more guys will be attracted towards you.
In the end, all I can say is that flirting is an art that can be mastered only through practice. So, if you feel that the guy whose attention you want is still indifferent towards you, after you have done every possible thing to grab his attention, do not take it to heart. You are still very young and there are plenty of fish in the water!
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