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Running out of Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend? Read This

Things to Talk about with Your Boyfriend
Your search for some fun and interesting things to talk about with your boyfriend ends here. Read on...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Whether someone is dating for years and is in a serious relationship or has just recently began dating, there are times when you do not have anything to say to each other. If it's an old relationship, you can actually enjoy the silences shared but if you have been going out for just a couple of days or weeks, silences can be awkward. So for all those girls who have difficulty coming up with some interesting conversation starters, here are some useful tips on things to talk with your boyfriend.
What to Talk About with Your Boyfriend
  • Men will never admit it but they love it if their girlfriends pamper them, mother them and show their love and concern for them, once in a while. Besides talking about some fun and romantic stuff, you can ask him things like how his day went, what he had for lunch, how was his sports class or office work, etc. Such loving and indulgent questions that show your concern for him are some of the things to talk with your boyfriend on the phone.
  • Most men simply love to brag about themselves. Although, there might be exceptions here and there, still it holds true for majority of them. If your boyfriend was ever a part of a sports team or won awards in debate, poetry, boxing, etc., just ask him about it. Believe me, after that there will be no stopping him. He will go on and on, leaving scope for only your "wows" and "ohs".
  • It is difficult to come up with some serious things to talk with your boyfriend, especially if your interests are like chalk and cheese. Why not read a newspaper or a magazine together and then discuss some of the articles in it to have a serious conversation.
  • If you are looking for some fun things to talk with your boyfriend while texting, you can think of sending him some jokes. There are plethora of websites which have some really fun jokes as well as one liners, which I am sure your boyfriend would love to read. You will also find some very cute love quotes on various websites, so if you two are in a romantic mood, you can text such quotes to him too.
  • Another topic to talk about with guys is food. Every one of us has our own likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Ask your guy what he likes - whether it is seafood, chicken or vegetarian stuff. In between the conversation, tell him about all the foods you are good at cooking. The old adage that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, holds true even today. Thus, by having this conversation, you will earn some brownie points as well.
  • Let me share a secret with you - men love to get complimented. So the best topic to have a conversation with a guy is the guy himself. Tell him how good he looks, how handsome he is, how he makes you happy, how intelligent he is, etc. Sound genuine when you compliment him and I am sure he will be all ears and love it!
  • You could also share your travel experiences and stories with your boyfriend. If you have some special interests such as reading, dancing, music, etc., have conversations about them with him. If he genuinely likes you, he will pay attention to each and every detail of it and may pitch in the conversation every now and then, even if he has no clue or interest in these things.
  • Talk about yourself. Tell him about your likes, interests, hobbies, friends, passions, dreams, etc. If he genuinely loves you and thinks of you as a long-term partner, he would be all ears and would want to know as much as he can about you.
I hope now you will not run out of topics to talk about with your boyfriend. One last tip before I sign off - do not always take the initiative to start conversations. When talking to him, stay silent for a while and give him time to discuss something of his interest. This way you won't always feel pressurized to make conversations and at the same time, by listening to him, you will get to know him better. Best of luck!